Family Matters

I’m so happy to report that we are falling into place with our new routine. The family rules sit front and centre on our fridge with our schedule below. Our son still checks it every morning and he’s been good at following without having to be asked (most of the time)! We have learned that due to schedules, not everything can be done by the book but we are learning to work with it. That’s what this all is – a learning process. I already see big changes in our family, even Sophie is asking to help her brother clean up.

Now I know some of you are anxious to find out how time-ins have been working out. I’m thrilled to report that they are going great! When we were still practicing time-outs, it was on average several each day. We now average about 2 time-ins a week. He’s really responding to them. Tonight he had a full-out tantrum (something rare for a 5 year old but they do still happen). So we went to his space, which is a rocking chair in his room. He sat on my lap and we not only discussed the events that led to the tantrum but I was also able to have a discussion about emotions and the proper way to deal with them. We practiced some breathing techniques together, had a cuddle and then went downstairs for dinner. I am learning a lot about my son as well. This extra time to talk gives me a great view into his thoughts and feelings. I am able to help him voice exactly what is bothering him, something that is tough for kids to do, especially when they are upset.

So where do we go from here? For now, I’m very content that things are headed in a positive direction. I think it’s important that we stay focused on the long term goals and not fall back into old habits. We made the big changes to turn our family down the right path and I am so proud of not only our kids for embracing the changes but of us as parents for recognizing the need for change and acting upon it. I know as our kids grow, we will encounter new challenges. I can only try and prepare myself for the unexpected and know that we are truly doing the best for our kids.


One thought on “Family Matters

  1. I am so happy to hear everything is falling into place! Parenting is an every day learning experience and you seem to be veru much on top of it all!

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