Want to get published?

Although I am not a real publisher, editor or even writer in any professional sense, I do have this wonderful site that often sits for days with no movement.  When I started this blog, my thought was to post 3-4 times per week but this is proving to be more difficult than I had imagined with my busy life as a working mom. 

To fill in the gaps, I want YOU to write!  This is a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to blog but just cannot commit the time needed to maintain a site of their own, letalone the hours spent on finding more traffic, netoworking with other mom bloggers and the planning that goes into it all.

You don’t need to be a professional writer or expert in any sense.  You can blog about a specific topic that is of interest to you or go the route I typically take and share some personal stories of your life.  There is no wrong way to blog, I only ask that you keep it clean & respectable. 

What happens to your post after you send it to me?   The article belongs to you, you wrote it, it’s yours.  I am only providing a venue for you to display it.   However, if I do have an issue with anything said (it is technically my name associated with the site so please respect that), I will have a chat with you about it and possibly request a change before I post it. 

If you’d like to write, please send me a quick message via email: findingmomtopia(AT)gmail(DOT)com and let me know the topic you are interested in discussing.  That way, I can let you know if I already have someone else writing a piece on that topic and we can avoid me having to choose from two pieces on the same subject.   

I will also post a little blurb about you in on your post so please write something short & sweet and let me know how you would like your name displayed with the article (full name, partial name, madeup name, anonymous, etc). 

I’m looking forward to sharing this site with you!!


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