What I love about him…

Right now is a very stressful time for us.  Mike is in his busy season at work which means 3 months of 60+ hour workweeks, plus we are in full wedding-planning mode and this weekend we put in an offer on a new house.  It’s enough to drive two people crazy but somehow we are getting through it together. 

Yesterday, I was wasting few minutes on Facebook while in the tub and I clicked on pictures of my husband-to-be Mike… Going through the pictures told such a wonderful story of an amazing man who loves his kids.  Even though we often bicker about the little things, I am truly grateful that we found each other.  So today I thought instead of writing about all that he does, I am going to share a selection of these photos with you. 

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5 thoughts on “What I love about him…

  1. We’ve always known that Michael was a special “son”. And it is wonderful to see that he is a special “father” too. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your own children with their own children. I agree – he’s an amazing man!

  2. awwww sniff snifff … I wanna marry him 🙂 You both have such a wonderful outlook on your family life and life in general .. you are a old sole!

  3. Aw, pictures are a thousand words! We often take our partners for granted as we get carried up in life, parenting, work, social, but we need to remember to show our ones how much we care. This says it all. Can’t wait for your beautiful wedding day!

  4. Those are beautiful! I love the one of him in a the monkey wrap or baby wrap…. that’s a sign of a great dad! One of my favourite things about facebook is that you can post photos and your family and friends get to see the photos, no matter where they live. I feel closer to family overseas that I haven’t seen in years, because we are seeing each others families grow up.

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