Donation safety…

In the midst of all the “donate to Japan” efforts going on, I have a confession:

I no longer give money to people who come to my door. 

Even little Jimmy who is collecting for the hockey team.  I have become too much of a skeptic when it comes to door-to-door soliciting.  I have read the articles about the families going door-to-door claiming to be collecting for a charity when in reality they are keeping the money for themselves.  Some even use their kids as pawns! 

So when the old man came to my door, I nicely said “no but thank you for stopping by” and was shocked when he forced my door open!  He got quite upset and asked why I would be so insensitive to those who are suffering.  I should have just explained my feelings but I was a bit afraid that this  man, who was holding my door open, might come in and try to hurt me.  I kept trying to push the door shut, still trying to sound polite and as it shut, I heard him say “but I live in the neighbourhood”! 

I do feel bad.  I really do appreciate the self-less volunteers who spend their free time collecting for truly good causes.  Unfortunately, I am of the school of thought that you can never be too careful. 

We do make donations.  Mike and I choose who we make our cash donations to and we contact the charity directly to make our donation and get our receipt.  We do not donate to anyone claiming to be collecting money for that charity.  We bring canned goods into work.  We leave clothes out for the diabetes truck. 

What I’m not including in our thought process above is if friends or family are selling items for school fundraisers or other charity events.  In those situations we will purchase/donate because we trust them.  If we find out tomorrow that they were scamming us, the loss of money would be the least of our anger towards them. 

Here is my dilemma – as my kids get older, how do I handle the requests from the school/club/organization to collect money door-to-door?  Do I allow my kids to participate, knowing full well that I do not believe in this type of collecting?


3 thoughts on “Donation safety…

  1. If you don’t believe in it (and I am with you there) then you ask how esle your children can participate. Get the kids to come up with an idea .. car wash, babysitting ?? I don’t and will never let my child go door to door at any age .. no way!

  2. I won’t be sending my child door to door either. I know the children are enticed by the “prizes” they get when they sell x amount of dollars. I will be explaining that these prizes aren’t worth the dangers of approaching strangers. That man approaching and opening your door would be scary, even if he had good intent.

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