Just My Opinion (for those of you who aren’t savy with the LOL’s & BTW’s)! 

It amazes me who absolutely offended people get when you offer YOUR opinion, especially on parenting advice where your opinion is being requested.  I don’t know if it’s a full moon or maybe just a coincidence but today I have encountered several cases of offended parents on things I have said.  Those who know me personally know that I typically have an opinion about everything, especially when it comes to parenting and my kids.  The other thing that people who know me understand (and this was actually brought up yesterday by one of my best friends) is that even if your opinion is the complete opposite of mine, it doesn’t affect my feelings towards you or our friendship. 

Part of trying to break into the social networking game involves *wait for it* … actually networking!  I am a member of MANY facebook groups, subscribed to a large number of blogs & even have a separate twitter account just to keep up with all the other blogging mama’s & groups of interest. 

A successful blog, group or page is one that gets people talking.  So I am always on the lookout for stories that are shocking, intriguing or hit a nerve.  The idea is to get people talking.  I know this because I am definitely drawn to a good story or request for advice.  I love to share my sucess’ – being a mom is something I think I’m pretty darned good at (at times) and when I have a success, I like to shout it from the rooftops in hopes that maybe it’ll help another mom out there… or at least get her thinking. 

So when you read someone else’s opinion about parenting, remember that it’s exactly that: JMO!   Take it with a grain of salt.   Maybe you do the exact opposite, well then good for you!  As long as you are confident in what you are doing, that’s all that matters right?  If someone else’s opinion angers you – (and we’re not talking opinions that affect you or could be harmful to the health or well being of a person) – then take a deep breath and ask yourself why it makes you angry?  Is it simply because you want to be right all the time (you know we all do to some extent! lol) or is it something deeper like a lack of confidence in what you are doing?  Eithier way, respect is key!  No one likes an internet Troll, not even Charlie Sheen (sorry, had to throw that in there)!  🙂  

Have a good one folks!


One thought on “JMO

  1. Well said! I like to ask questions and words of advice and then formulate my (or “our” if we are talking parenting) path forward based on information recieved and our own analysis, research and opinions. What I love most about getting people talking about an issue is that is often brings to light something we didn’t think of or a whole other viewpoint on which we should maybe do a little more research on or investigate further.

    A good friendship is based on respect, especially if your opinions differ.
    You are an AMAZING mom and friend and I totally respect and appreciate your JMO!

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