Fairwell to Track Pants

My 5-year-old son recently approached me looking slightly nervous but wanting to talk. I scooped him up onto my lap, had a cuddle and asked what was on his mind?


“Yes sweetie?”

“Is it okay if I don’t wear track pants anymore?”

 “What’s wrong with track pants?”

 … and here it comes…

“They’re not cool”.

Since when did kids care about fashion in kindergarten? Here is my “little” boy telling me that something is not cool. Does he even know what “cool” means?

I should have seen it coming. He has already asked to have Justin Beiber’s haircut, refuses to wear matching socks because the other kids don’t and often requests to put himself to bed at night. I guess I was anticipating that this wouldn’t come until he was older, maybe 8 or 9 at least.

We made a deal. He can pick out his clothes for school days but we keep the track pants for wearing under his hockey gear or hanging out at home on weekends. He literally breathed a sigh of relief. I think he was actually worried I’d say no.

The next morning, I had to laugh inside as he came out of  his room wearing a pair of green camo cargo pants, a blue & red striped shirt and an orange printed hoody.


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