Farewell to Winter (I hope!)

I am typically a glass half-full kind of girl.  I try to see the good in every situation and when life hands me lemons, I add a little vodka to that lemonade.
However, I can honestly say I am done with winter and so thankful that spring seems to have finally arrived.  As much as I love watching that fluffy white stuff fall from the sky in December, I eventually start to get those winter blahs and they stick with me until the grass turns green.  So to honour the arrival of spring *knock on wood*, here is a list I like to call “The Evolution of My Winter Blahs”.
November: Woah, it’s getting chilly out, time to break out my cute winter hat & mits.  I have to bundle my kids up, yet there’s none of that delightful snow to play in, poor things are sad.  They look so cute though!  My snowboard is waxed, I’m ready to hit the slopes!
December: Look at the pretty snowflakes.  I think I’ll grab a hot chocolate and sit by the window.  Finally got to take the snowboard out for a few runs and the kids had a blast making snow angels today.  Took me 10 minutes to back the car out of the driveway but that’s winter for you.  I hope we have a white Christmas!
January: OMG it’s cold!  Went night-skiing, whoever invented that idea is an idiot.  It’s freezing and that is not snow on the hill, it’s ice.  I fell on my butt and now I can’t feel anything below the waist. Also, why no one has invented a snowplow that doesn’t leave a 5 foot wall at the end of your driveway, I’ll never understand.  Well, at least the kids are having a blast sledding and building snowmen.  And they do look so cute with those snow suits and rosy cheeks.
February: If I have to fight with my children one more time to get those darn snowpants on, I’m going to lose it!  I’m sick of the constant snotty noses & the soaking wet mits.  Let’s not forget the request to go to the bathroom AFTER I’ve spent 10 minutes bundling them in 5 layers, which now ruins my plans to get out the door before that snow plow comes by and leaves his gift at the end of my driveway.  Well at least the groundhog gave us news of an early spring! 
March: If I ever see that damn groundhog, it’ll be the last time he pops his head out of his stupid little house.  Two weeks my A%^!   

In celebration of April, I’d like to say farewell to winter.  And if any of you catch me saying “I can’t wait for winter”, please smack me on the back of the head.


One thought on “Farewell to Winter (I hope!)

  1. I think one of the best qualities I love about you is your glass half full approach! I don’t think I ever wish winter on, but I do enjoy getting out and playing when it is here.

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