Frugalista by Tanya

Tanya is a single parent, frugalista, and a stay at home parent of 2 wonderful little boys and 1 awesome baby girl.  As a survivor of domestic abuse she has learned how to be strong and resilient not only for herself but also her children. She lives by the quote: ” To thine own self be true” ~ William Shakespeare. Tanya is inspired by women like Louise L. Hay and Erma Bombeck.

In life were always told to find our bliss. But what if that bliss is the choice to be a stay at home Mom? We live in such work driven culture that if someone makes the choice to be a stay at home parent than there is an instant stigma. Single Mom’s also bear a stigma whether it be the misconception that we just didn’t value the sanctity of marriage and try hard enough, were defective, were sluts, or maybe all of it. None of it true of course. I have made the choice to be both a stay at home Mom and a single Mom. I do not love the struggle but I know I deserve nothing less to be living out my bliss to! I had a stay at home Mom and I valued that my Mom was home for me and I intend to give my kids the same experience at least until they are all in school.

Making this choice means I have also made the choice to live with less because my income is very small. But my children’s life is no less rich. True my kids may not have the fanciest toys, clothing, or participate in several activities. But they are far from suffering. As a single parent I have learned to be a fruglalista and we live very comfortably on less.

Interesting for me anyways is that living a more frugal life also goes hand in hand with living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I do not drive and very rarely do we shop or visit anywhere that we cannot walk to (that’s one way to reduce our carbon footprint). I cloth diaper 75% of the time because it’s cheaper, and we’ve cut down our paper towel use in our home by switching to cloth because again it’s cheaper.We buy used when we can instead of new. We don’t spend more money to save money, it’s wasteful… I believe this is where many families find their bills rising as they spend more to meet spending minimums to get extra savings. These are just a few things we do to be frugal and more eco-conscious

So who am I? A single Mom. A stay at home parent. A frugalista. Someone working hard at reducing my carbon footprint. These are all hats I wear proudly as I journey towards finding my bliss


3 thoughts on “Frugalista by Tanya

  1. Kudoos to you for making a difficult choice, and being true to yourself. I’m sure when your children are grown they will be happy to have had so much time with you!
    Many blessings to you and your family. 🙂

  2. I am glad to see you have made the decisions that you feel are best for you and your family. As the writer of the first guest blog post (The price of a happy family? by April ) we too had to evaluate our priorities and made a choice that is best for our family. In my eyes your family is as rich as the fulfillment you gain from it, and richness is not measured in a dollar value. Too many of us do get carried away with numbers. You sound like a very strong woman of which your children will be gaining great insight from and should be proud to have you as a mom. I love that you are also teaching great environmental insight, skills, and reducing your impact on world. We also try hard at this, but speaking for my family, we could try even harder. Consider yourself an inspiration to many moms and be proud of yourself and the decisions you’ve made!

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