My smartphone review

My first video blog – Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “My smartphone review

  1. Hi Jenn! I liked your video blog…a little dark and it was difficult to see the phone screen but very effective!!!!
    I am going to be up for a phone upgrade soon so I have a few important questions…1) is it available on Rogers? 2) Is there an app for geocaching? or will it run geocaching live? 3) How big is the hard drive on it?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Laura 🙂 You may want to double check with Rogers but it is my understanding that they do not sell it. So you would have to pay full price for it from another store such as futureshop and then get it unlocked to use on the Rogers Network. I am using Virgin and I believe Bell is the other network it’s on.

    As for the geocaching, I just did a quick search and quite a few apps came up, most of which are free. I read the reviews on the highest rated free app which is called “c:geo” and they are very positive from other android users. There are a couple pay apps as well as more free ones so lots of choices there. 🙂


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