My newest diet adventure…

Two days ago, a very large box was left on my front porch.  It was an order I placed last week and I was very anxious to receive it.  So my news: after a very long debate with myself, I took the plunge and ordered a month of Nutrisystem.  


I think most moms out there can definitely appreciate the want to look & feel better about ourselves.  As much as we may not like it, having babies changes our bodies in so many ways.  After my 1st child, my stomach was covered with stretch marks, my thighs grew into tree trunks and my boobs never quite looked in the same direction.  After my 2nd child, I ended up with large calf muscles and a lovely pouch of belly skin that never did bounce back like it did the first time around.  To top it off, losing that baby weight is definitely a lot tougher than it looks for some. 

To add to this, I am getting married in September. I had set a goal last year that I would be at my pre-kid weight by the wedding but I am still almost 30 lbs away from that goal.  So now it’s crunch time. I need to get serious and I need to do make a commitment to myself.  I want to be that good looking mom, who even in a t-shirt and jeans looks like a million bucks. 

I am definitely a “program” type person.  I need that guidance and the support.  I have been on two programs over the past 2 years:  South Beach & Weight Watchers.  I really enjoyed aspects of both of them but they both require a lot of meal planning.  When I started South Beach I was on mat leave so I had a lot more time to properly plan, grocery shop, and prep my food.  When I started Weight Watchers, part of the appeal was that it was still real food but I eventually became annoyed with the points counting and again, the time needed to plan and prep your food.  Losing weight isn’t rocket science.  It is for the most part just eating less and moving more but that can prove to be more difficult than it sounds as so many of us know.  I have come to the conclusion that I really need someone else putting together my meals.

So this is where Nutrisystem has come in.  I have always been intrigued by the idea that the food is right there for you to grab & go.  Yes, you do still have some prep.  The food they send you is the main dish.  You still need to add sides like fresh veggies, fruit & dairy.  That, I can handle. 

Now I admit that Nutrisystem is very expensive and if I had to pay full price, I would probably not be doing it.  At full price it works out to about $13 a day.  If you go on auto-delivery, you do save some money and end up around $10 a day.  If you are like me and find that a little too expensive, I have 2 suggestions for you.  First, I highly recommend checking out The Shopping Channel.  They occasionally offer Nutrisystem as a Show Stopper at a reduced price compared to the product website. Plus, you can split the payments over the month so that it’s not a big blow to your pocketbook upfront.  My second suggestion is to check local classified ad’s such as Kijiji & Craigslist.  People are often selling full & partial orders of Nutrisystem food. 

Today is day 2 – so far so good!  I was shocked that the food so far has turned out to be decent.  It’s not 5 star dining but it’s edible and satisfying. For lunch I had the cheese tortellini which I would compare to Chef Boyardee in taste.  As my side I had a veggie salad with a hard-boiled egg.  It’s surprisingly a lot of food.  Of course, we’ll talk again in a couple weeks and see if I still feel that way.  Ha!

Another perk is that there is an app for your phone so you can log what you ate.  It’s not necessary to log your food but they suggest for at least the first week or so you do it.  It’s a good way to make certain you are eating enough food, plus if you are interested it tells you how many calories you’ve taken in. 

So wish me luck (and lots of energy to get my butt back to the gym).  I will definitely do a full review once my first month is completed if anyone is interested.   I am typically very open about my weight loss efforts so please feel free to ask any questions you might have about this or the other 2 programs I’ve done.  🙂


4 thoughts on “My newest diet adventure…

  1. Best of luck on your new regime!
    I’m curious about the sodium content on the prepackaged food. How does it look on the label? I have to watch my intake closely to prevent high blood pressure, hence the question.
    A tip for when you return to the gym:
    Strength training is your best chance of losing fat as opposed to cardio. When you strength train you are burning calories as you work out PLUS for several hours afterward while your body repairs the muscle tissue. Also, the more muscle on your body the more calories it consumes to sustain life even in a resting state. Hit the major muscle groups first as they are large and will burn more calories -your “sculpting” can happen when you reach your ideal body shape. Plus, a firm body is always more appealing than a flabby skinny one! 🙂
    I’m not discounting the importance of aerobics, as it is essential to have a healthy cardiovascular system. I’m just recommending you spend most of the time on strength training. If you have an hour do 40min strength and 20min cardio.
    Also don’t forget to drink lots of water! For every 2 pounds of body mass you should be drinking one ounce of water/day. So if you weigh 200lbs you need 100 ounces of water each day, spread throughout the day. (Don’t chug, just keep sipping!)
    THE REASON DRINKING WATER WORKS -majority of the population is DEHYDRATED! We drink coffee, tea, alcohol and other beverages which cause us to lose body water. (Diuretics) When you are dehydrated your kidneys do not function properly, so your liver has to redirect it’s energy to assist in keeping your blood clean. When your kidneys carry their own weight your liver can focus on it’s own job -metabolizing fat!! May sound gross but if your urine is yellow you are dehydrated. (Excluding the first urination of the day.)
    If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer, even for just a few sessions. They will help you to find where you should start and plan your “routine”. Plus its awesome to have someone to keep you motivated while you are there. 🙂
    Be sure to change up your routine every 6 weeks as your body becomes accustomed to your requests of it. This helps to prevent those “plateaus” we all hate so much!!
    I’m sure this is in the Nutri System info, but be sure to eat small amounts of healthy foods often throughout the day. Your metabolism is like a fire -if you go a long time without food the fire burns out. If you put a lot of “wood” on the fire at once it takes a looooong time for the fire to catch and burn enough to consume the wood. If, however, you put a small amount of wood on the fire to get it going and keep adding a bit of wood every so often the fire stays nice and hot and consumes all it’s fuel. (Campers will know what I mean!!)
    Sorry if I’ve bombarded you with info you already know but I figure there are Mom’s out there who may not. 🙂
    I honestly wish you the very best in your efforts!!
    P.S. remember that healthy, sustainable weight loss occurs at a rate of about 4lbs/week, and you should ALWAYS consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise!! Also weight yourself at the same time of the day, the same day of your cycle ONCE PER CYCLE. Females fluctuate by as much as 5lbs within a day, and even more depending on where you are in your cycle. This will give you an accurate calculation of your weight loss.
    P.P.S. These tips work. I lost 30lbs in 3 months a few years ago and they haven’t come back!! (And I haven’t been to the gym in 2 yrs! Shame on me! LOL)

  2. Thanks for the tip Shelly!

    D – The sodium content is a bit high but comparable to most other frozen or pre-packaged food you can buy at the grocery store. As an example, I had pasta for dinner tonight and the sodium content was 600mg. I definitely don’t believe that you could eat this food long term but for the purposes of someone like me who needs a program like this, I am going to look past the sodium content for now. lol The plan does call for you to drink a lot of water – I’ve been logging my water intake and am having a hard time drinking the amount recommended but I’m getting there. 🙂

  3. LOL yes you do feel rather water logged!! 😉
    Looks like such a convenient system. Excellent for a busy Mom. 😀
    Best of luck -bet you’re going to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. 😀

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