Busy, busy… I know!

I must apologize for slacking off this week.  I just realized how long it’s been since I even visited my own blog – my spam filter picked up more than 2 dozen attempted spam-comments that I just finished weeding through and my Facebook page has nothing new in days either.  So in the interest of at least attempting to maintain some sort of movement, let’s just chat.  🙂   No topic in particular, think of this as a letter to you all, from me, like we are old friends – hey, some of us truly are!

The Chicken Pox – my 5-year-old son woke up Friday morning with what looked like a bunch of bug bites on his back and upon further examination I noticed they were appearing all over.  It didn’t take long to realize what was going on.  Makes sense, he’s around that age.  Unfortunately it did mess up some of our plans this weekend – a birthday party on Friday, two easter events over the weekend.  Luckily they haven’t hit him too hard.  To be honest, if it weren’t for the spots all over his body, you’d barely know he was sick.  A mild fever that comes and goes is about the worst of it so far.  He’s not thrilled that he won’t get to go to daycare tomorrow.  He was really looking forward to hanging out with the older kids at “the clubhouse”.  They seem to be starting to crust over now and the pharmacist told me he can go back to school once they are all crusted over so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Tuesday will be okay.

New House – I know I’ve mentioned before that we bought a new house.  We move in June and lately I’ve found myself really stuck with how this is all going to go about.  I really want to do this move right.  Every other move, we literally pack everything and figure we’ll just go through as we unpack.  This has just led to us accumulating way too many things and not having nearly enough space (or use) for it all.  So this time around, I want to get organized BEFORE we pack.  This is turning into stress for me.  I don’t know where to start!   I’m honestly so lost and uninterested with the entire process.  I feel like once I get over how much there is to do and just start, it will be easier.  It’s just getting past that first step that is proving to be very difficult. 

Nutrisystem – I really appreciate all the support I’ve received since posting the details of my new diet.  So far everything is going great!  I did give myself 1 day off plan today, being that we were eating a large family dinner.  I didn’t feel bad though, tomorrow I’m back on.  I’m still very happy with the food and I feel great.  I’m waiting until the 1 week mark to weigh myself.  I find that I get into this nasty habit of weighing myself daily and then I get very discouraged when I felt like I worked very hard, only to see the scale didn’t move (or has even gone up).  So I will keep to weekly weigh-ins which will hopefully show the progress a little better. 

That’s about it for now.  I’m exhausted and my bed is calling me.  I do have a guest blog post in queue to go out in the next day or two and then some other great topics coming up including a giveaway once we hit 100 fans on Facebook.   🙂   

Cheers!  – Jenn


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