My babies no more…

Can someone please tell my kids to stop growing up so quickly?

Tonight I sat and watched them in a rare moment of peace – no arguing, no whining or crying. They were sitting together on the floor of Sophie’s room, playing nicely and talking to each other. Nate was teaching his little sister how to put the play diaper on her doll and she was making him laugh with her little jokes she tells “Nate, you a girl! *giggles* Nooooo You a boy!!” They seemed so old. Where did my little babies go?

I think it hit me harder today than normal. I had lunch with a friend and her 5 month old adorable little boy. He reminded me so much of Nate at that age; so alert and full of smiles. Almost makes me want another… almost.

When Nate was little, I pushed for that next milestone. I remember thinking “I can’t wait until he can crawl” and when he reached that, it was “I can’t wait until he can walk”. With Sophie, I did learn to cherish those young moments a little more, and it helped that she was later than her brother with most of her milestones so I was able to enjoy each stage a little longer. However, looking back I feel like that was a lifetime ago. I miss the baby stages.

Yesterday, I tried to have a little snuggle time with my daughter. As I pulled her onto my lap, she immediately began to squirm and say “let me go Mommy”. I honestly felt tears rush to my eyes as I heard that. What happened to the little girl who would snuggle up to me for hours?

I know it’s good that they are growing up. I am very proud of who they are turning out to be. My kids are kind, compassionate & smart. They have wonderful lives ahead of them. As much as it will hurt inside as they spend more and more time away from me, I need to always remember that they will always be my babies.

A moment ago, as I was typing this, Sophie woke up crying. I went into her room and she immediately sat up and wrapped her arms around me. She had a night terror and needed her mommy. At that moment I realized, they will always need their mommy for something… and that makes me feel a lot better already.


One thought on “My babies no more…

  1. I know this exact feeling! I secretly love that I lay with Cameron to go to sleep at night, and although now it only takes him a couple of minutes to doze off, I actually cherish this special time every night. We do night time routine in our bed, books, and a favourite show, sometimes a snack (for me too, veggies and dip is our favourite!) but then it’s time for his bed he knows it is quick and time to sleep. We don’t even turn his light on, it is straight into his room, a drink of water and then we lay down to sleep. These few minutes I just cherish as he too needs much less cuddling unless he is sad, hurt, etc. But when at night we lay down and he says “cuddle me”, those words melt by heart, even if it only is 2-5 minutes of cuddling. Soon he won’t want me to lay with him, and I will miss this terribly. I will be happy he is finally independent to go to sleep on his own (I mean I was extremely happy when he stayed in his own bed all night through) but I think we have to treasure each of those little cuddles now, because yes, it goes by too fast! Heck Sophie and Cameron go to school next year! lol

    Love this post!

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