My personal trainer…

Time to check in, after I know I  promised more activity that did not come.  It wasn’t that I was TOO busy – I just went through a bit of a time  where I wanted nothing to do with this blog.  At first I couldn’t figure out where the feelings came from but after
dissecting myself a bit (I tend to do that a little too much), I have come to  the conclusion that this blog is sort of my honest place.  What I type here goes out to actual living  people and they may judge me and know the truth – that I was being so  incredibly lazy.

Sure, we have a lot going on.  We are in the process of packing, juggling 2  houses, a full basement renovation, along with everything else life loves to  throw at us.  Work is very busy.  When I get home, I just can’t think about how  to discuss parenting, especially when I feel like I’m not being a great one  right now.  I realized on Saturday that  for an entire week, my kids had take-out food every night for dinner (which never even included 1 vegetable or fruit).   I also caught myself yelling again and I even put my son in a time-out,  which I haven’t done in months.  To round  this all off, I have been slowly gaining weight and recently have found that my  pants are really tight and uncomfortable and since I threw out all my bigger  stuff, I have been sticking with stretchy pants.  Ugh!

So I am back, ready to be  accountable for my bad eating, lack of exercise, lazy parenting and general bad  karma.  I give you all permission to kick me if I go another 2 weeks between posts!

I started with a personal  trainer last night.  I won 6 sessions in  a silent auction for my son’s hockey team and finally had the motivation to  cash them in.  I am incredibly sore today – I had to show him how many pushups & sit-ups I could do in 60
seconds.  Oh MY!!  Sit-ups, okay, I can handle a few.  I have taken my share of classes that involve  sit-ups and over the last couple years I’ve improved a lot.  I actually did 25 in 60 seconds which although low, is better than I thought I could do.  Pushups though, I managed 13 and I questioned  whether the last 4 even should have counted as I didn’t go all the way up. And  they were the real pushups – no “ladies” pushups, he said we asked for equality, he was giving us equality.  I finished with 30 minutes on the stationary bike and learned that all these years, I was  doing my cardio wrong!  I had always pushed myself very hard until I was almost ready to fall down, as it turns out,  I should only be pushing myself until I am lightly sweating and my breathing is
slightly high but I can still manage conversation with a bit of effort.  That’s the ideal zone for fat burning.  Much higher and I could be doing myself more  harm than good.  He kept checking on me  by asking me questions and if I had a hard time getting my response out, he  turned down the level.  Working out  before, I would try to keep my heart rate around the 185 range.  His way kept me at 155.

So even though I will not be  continuing with him after my free sessions are up (not unless I can somehow  come up with $70/hr), I hope that I will learn a lot and be able to work out  more efficiently on my own.  I’m back to
see him again tomorrow night and am scared.  He mentioned that we would be doing LOTS of pushups.  Ugh!

80 days until the wedding…


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