I wrote this on the bus on our way to the airport but was only able to upload it now. 

I sit here on the bus on our way to the airport, after a fabulous honeymoon.  I’m feeling lucky for the time we had together this week.  Mike and I have never really travelled together, just the two of us.  Sure, we’ve done road trips and camping trips but anyone who has ever been to a resort knows, it’s not quite the same.

When you travel with someone for the first time, there is one thing you will often worry about: will we travel well together?

Travelling is an interesting thing – you have huge expectations as you get on that plane.  What the food will be like, the rooms, how you will spend your time.  Some travellers are more relaxed, go with the flow.  Others go with itinerary in hand, planning every moment of the day.  Some want to laze by the pool, some like to leave the resort on their own and explore and then there are those who are off on excursions each day.  And there are those who fall somewhere between all of that.  Whatever your travel type, one thing you will find out very fast when travelling with another person is whether or not your travel styles sync. 

I wouldn’t say that Mike and I are exactly the same but we quickly fell into a nice routine that accomodated both of our styles well.  We didn’t argue, make a face or even look at each other cross even once.  We truly relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  It was a successful first vacation together and after 10 years, was very much needed.  We will definitely go away more together in the future and I am really looking forward to it.  

What’s your vacation style?  Have you ever gone away with someone, only to find out you don’t travel well together?



One thought on “Travelling

  1. Glad you had a fabulous time! Your wedding was awesome and you already have a rocking family! Quite the summer I agree, now some down time to enjoy yourselves and celebrate your family. xoxoxo

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