Enviro Kid Consignment Sales

Calling all Durham Region Mama’s!! 

With summer coming to an end, it’s that time again; to go through all your kids clothes and prepare for the cooler weather.  I know my kids grow like weeds so what fit last winter is definitely not going to fit this year.  Every season, you are forced to purchase a whole new wardrobe for those little weedlets and that can get very pricey to say the least.  Then you have to figure out what you are going to do with last years clothes, which probably contain a lot of outfits that are still in fabulous condition.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make a little bit of money AND find your childs new wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of stores?

I’m sure many of you have at least heard of consignment sales; where a third party acts as liason between you and the buyer.  Its a convenient way to buy & sell new and gently used kids gear, toys & clothing and score some fabulous finds.  However, if you’ve ever gone into a consignment shop to sell your merchandise, you find out quite quickly that they keep a big chunk of your money.  The local shop I’ve used in the past only leaves the seller with only 40% of their total sales. 

How does up to 70% sound?  


There’s another option that is not only going to be a huge event but will get you more money in your pocket – Enviro Kid Consignment Sales.

Started by local mompreneur Heidi Grant, this initiative is a new alternative to traditional consignment shops.  As all the selling & shopping happens in 1 day at a central location.  The overhead is low, leaving you and me with more items sold and more money in our pockets.  As opposed to other ‘mom’ consignment sales, there is no need for you to stand at a booth and sell your own items.  You simple register, hang & tag your items, then drop them off.  Plus, as a consignor, you get exclusive access to the pre-sale 1 hour before anyone else – which means you get first dibs on all the other fabulous items for sale!

Be sure to check out the next sale:

Saturday October 22, 2011
Consignor Pre Sale 9-10 am
Public Sale 10 am – 3 pm

Harmony Creek Community Centre
15 Harmony Road North
Oshawa, Ontario
L1G 6K8

For more information or to register, check out Enviro Kid on the web or email. 

I will definitely be there and hope to see you there too!


2 thoughts on “Enviro Kid Consignment Sales

  1. I need to get registered for this! I don’t have much in the way of clothes as I pass those along to my sisters after as they are passed to me on the first place (a WONDERFUL friends passes me on clothes!) but I do have some baby items & toys that have been sitting in the basement that I should get rid of, and I really want to check out this sale!

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