Decorating for dummies

Since moving into our new house, I’ve been dreaming up ideas of how to decorate each room.  We have always rented so although I had ideas for each place we’ve lived in, the idea of spending money on a house that didn’t belong to us didn’t make sense.  Now, it’s time to put all those decorating ideas to use.  However, like many first time home-buyers, we are on a pretty tight budget and the idea of maxing out our credit cards or financing furniture doesn’t really appeal to me.  Not to mention the fact that with 2 kids, we don’t have a lot of time to spend on projects.

I’m working room by room and with the assistance of some online classifieds (I won’t plug my work but they do have the BEST classifieds site in the country!!  hehe), I hope to be able to decorate each room on a very small budget.

So as we move room to room, I’ll post updates, before & after pictures and anything else I feel like sharing.

First up is our bedroom!  I need a sanctuary – somewhere I can go and just relax.  I want to be able to go into my bedroom and feel like I’ve just walked into a nice hotel room.  As a wedding gift, we received a new bed so that’s our starting point.  The bed will be the centerpiece of the room.  In my mind, I’ve done up an idea of what I like.  I’ve been googling pictures of bedrooms to get some ideas.  From wall colours, moulding & accessories, I at least have a starting point.

Last week, I picked up a pair of used night stands that match our bed quite closely.  (Yes, I found them on that website I work for).  $50 for the pair which I think was a steal!  I had been pricing out new ones at the store and for what we wanted, we were looking at $100 each minimum.  That was my first of what I hope to be many great finds for the room.  Next, I am on the hunt for a bedding set.  We already have sheets & a duvet but I’d like to find a duvet cover set with shams and a bed skirt (and perhaps some matching pillows).  I’ve come to accept that I will most likely have to buy these new but am keeping my eyes open for sales.  It’s a good time actually as most stores this time of year are purging to make way for the new fall/winter stuff.  Once that has been purchased, we can move on to paint colours.  I have an idea of what I want to do… perhaps a blue-gray colour.  Of course, that ultimately depends on the colour of the bed set.

The big ticket item that I have been actively searching for on a daily basis is an armoir.  We want one to put our tv in.  Finding one that matches the colour of our bed & side tables though may prove difficult, although we are open to the idea of buying something we can sand down and stain if the price is right.

While this bedroom reno is going on though, we are still in the process of finishing the basement.  However, the basement is Mike’s zone and so I’m leaving him to that and will just get him to help me out as needed with the bedroom.  This is in no way a quick project.  I want to do it right and also still have lots of time with the kids.  I’ll definitely update as things progress.

So here’s what I want to know from you guys – do you have any decorating tips?  Doesn’t necessarily have to be for the bedroom, it can be for any room in the house.  We still have a lot of space to work on.  Anything to avoid?  Did you try a new paint technique and have it fail miserably?  Or maybe you have a product that you absolutely love.  Anything from bedrooms to dining rooms to closets.  How did your redecorating project go?


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