Day 1 – new routine

Part of the reason I accepted my new job was due to the ability to work from home.  Not only would that be convenient & save money on gas, but we realized that I would be able to keep our daughter home with me during the day.  Of course, this saves a lot of money on daycare costs as we were paying upwards of $200 per week for her full-time care.  Plus, we were paying for before & after school care for our son which was another $100 a week.

In theory, this seemed like a good idea but I was slightly skeptical.  How would I be able to handle an almost 3 year old while still putting in 8 solid hours of work?

Today was day 1 and I’d have to say, I impressed even myself.  It went quite smoothly.  Like any normal day, I got the kids up and ready for their day.  I dropped my son off at his bus and then came back home with my daughter.   Throughout the day, we were able to find a good balance.  She  coloured, made “pizza’s” out of playdough and played dress-up.  Since she’s toilet trained, it definitely helped that she no longer requires me to come to the bathroom with her when she has to go.

When I took a lunch break, we sat at the table and ate lunch together.  Then she went down for a nap.  Once she woke up, it was time to go pick up her brother from the bus again.  Once we got home I had another 30 minutes or so of work so I set the kids up with a snack & a movie until I finished up.  It worked out perfectly and not only was I able to provide my daughter with the attention she needs, I completed all my work.

I did have a slight fear when we made this decision – how would I balance my day?  Is it possible to be a SAHM & still work 8 hours a day at the same time?  Obviously I have the huge advantage of a job that even allows that possibility.  However, I still had my fears.

The fact that today was a huge success gives me a lot of relief.  This is going to work out quite well I believe.  I’m sure we’ll have to play with our routine a bit over the next couple of weeks but to know that it can be done really makes me feel like I made the right choice.  I feel so lucky that I have a job that I love and am able to spend more time at home with my kids.  This has been a very exciting year for us and most days, I do really feel like I’m living the life.





2 thoughts on “Day 1 – new routine

  1. Congrats on the new job! I’m a “work at home Mom” too, so I can understand the challenges of balancing work and child. It can be done, just understand that there are some days that the little one has a hard time understanding that Mommy has to work, and allow yourself the flexibility (If you can) to take a bit more time with them some days and work after they are in bed. It helps that your daughter still naps! Also, if you can, try to put in a few more hours Mon-Thurs so you can make an afternoon date with your kids on Friday. If they know that Mommy will do something extra fun with them on Friday it makes it easier for them to let you work the rest of the week. 🙂
    Best of luck!!

  2. I understand completely and glad it went well! This is part of the reason my hubby is still home. If he goes to work my schedule also changes, heck our whole lives change! and I absolutely love working full time yet still getting 7 hours a day with our son. You can never get these precious years with your children back. You can work to build careers and possibly buy them tons of things in the future with all the money you earn, but if you miss these little milestones and years of growth, you’ve missed them 😦 We all need to find a balance and it sounds like you have found yours. I am glad everything is falling into place. You are a great mom and deserve this!

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