Little laughs

The joys of motherhood – brought to you by, the cutest little laughs in the world.

Being that today is my day off and I have our daughter home with me now, I had the opportunity to spend the entire day just her and I, something I don’t get to do often.  With 2 kids, it always seems like I’ve got one in each hand – and when we do try and get some alone time, I often take our son.  He’s the oldest and I find that because his little sister always seems to get more attention than him, he really appreciates that occasional alone time with us.

The best part of my day was when we were relaxing in my bed, getting settled for naptime.  We cuddled for a bit and then she laid on her side and just looked at me.  She looked so serious and then said with a smile “Mommy, I love you”.  I hear her say it often but in that moment, I really felt it.  We then started a little tickling match and with those little laughs, my heart melted.  I love that my kids can still melt my heart as much as they did the day they were born.



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