Reno update

I mentioned a few posts back that we back in business with decorating our house.  At the time I was concentrating on the bedroom but during my searches, I found some great pieces for the kitchen as well.  We are also finishing our basement which has been an on-going reno since we got the keys in June and although everything was put on hold over the summer, we are back in business!

I’ll break down our plan by room.

Basement – As I said, ongoing reno.  When we purchased the house, the basement was completely unfinished.  We drew up a plan of what we wanted and so far we are sticking quite nicely to it.  The idea was to make the open room into smaller spaces; a storage area, furnace room, office, toy closet and rec room.  Mike’s dad has been a huge help and did a lot of work while they were here visiting back in June and again in September.  At this point, all the walls are up, the ceiling is up in the main living space.  Electrical is run and installed.  Tomorrow the walls in the rec room area will be primed, Monday they will be painted.  Next weekend we hope to lay the laminate flooring (which I bought online and got a heck of a deal)!  We are also putting our large sectional (purchased used of course) in that space.  It’s big and comfy and will be perfect in our family room.

Kitchen – Although we are holding off painting the main floor for now (we would like to wait until our 1 year house warrenty is up before we paint), I’ve found some great pieces of furniture.  We purchased a new kitchen table & chairs set, bakers rack and stools for the breakfast bar.  All used online for a steal keeping us way under budget for this space.  We received a hood microwave as a wedding gift so that was installed last week, freeing up counter space from where our old microwave was.  All that is left to do is paint the walls and install a pantry – something that Mike plans to build (although I am searching online daily JUST incase I come across something we like used).


Living room – we have decided that this is the last room we will work on.  Currently we have an old couch & chair that doesn’t match our decor at all but until we know exactly what we want to do with the space, it’s fine as it is.  However, I do keep my eyes open for deals, just incase the perfect items happen to be posted online, although this is the one room I am willing to buy new furniture if needed.

Bedroom – The kids bedrooms were pretty much completed prior to moving in.  They were painted (we still have some decorative painting to do in our sons room at some point).  We found an amazing used bedroom set online for our son so we purchased that for him and then gave our daughter his bed which actually looks amazing in her new princess room.

As for our room, I mentioned before that this is in-progress.  We received a new king sized bed as a wedding gift from Mike’s parents, we purchased a new mattress set and received a new duvet from a good friend as a gift as well.  Today I finally found our duvet cover set – it’s perfect and will look amazing when the room is complete (and I managed to spend a lot less than we had budgetted for it thanks to a sale & a coupon).  We also picked a paint colour today.  It’s a sort of blue-gray colour.  I also have a plan for some decorative details on the walls and will talk about that more in a later post.  Here is a picture of our bedroom last week – that is the new bed & duvet and you can see one of our “new” bedside tables.


That should at least give you an idea of what we are working with.  Believe it or not, those bedside tables were purchased used online for an amazing deal – and they match the bed!!  I want to change our lighting situation but so far have not decided on what will look best.  I think once the room is all put together with the new paint, new linens, etc, I will have a better idea.

I think I will end this with a little word of advice – based on what I’ve learned so far.  Patience!  Decorating on a budget requires a lot of it.  You have to be willing to look every day (or several times a day) and jump quickly on something you like.  If you don’t get it, don’t sweat.  Something better will come along.



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