New Years Resolutions

Our bellies are full, our homes overrun with toys, our hearts a little warmer and our wallets a little thinner… it could mean only one thing: Christmas has come to an end. I absolutely love the holidays and Christmas morning definitely takes the cake. This year was especially wonderful as it was the first year my 3 year old really started to understand Christmas. She asked for one gift only… a doll house. So when she walked into our living room and spotted the enormous Barbie Dream Townhouse, her eyes lit up bigger than I have ever seen and that moment made the weeks of shopping through mad crowds and late night wrapping sessions completely worth it.

The other reason I love this time of year is the feeling that a new year is about to begin. New beginings have always been exciting for me. Growing up, I loved the first day of school… shopping for all those new supplies and promises to myself that I will study hard. As an adult, I get a similar excitement with the start of a new year.

A new year, a new me!

Sure, typically by February I have broken almost every promise I made to myself but every year I continue to make my list with high hopes and a “this year will be different” attitude.

My New Years resolutions for 2012:

1. To keep my calendar up to date
   I am awful at doing this. With all the technology at my finger tips, one would think this task would be easy. However, I am constantly double booking myself or forgetting about plans all together… which is why this takes the top spot on my list this year. I have no excuses. I received a new tablet from my hubby for Christmas and the calendar is linked with my cell phone so I only need to input once and I can be the queen of organized. LOL

2. To lose 25 lbs
   I think after a woman has kids, we make ourselves some sort of weight or fitness goal every year. Two years ago I did great, surpassing the goal I had set for myself. Unfortunately over the last year, I gained a significant amount of it back. Its time to get off the couch and move my butt again. I only have one pair of jeans that fit comfortably and I refuse to buy myself more clothes until I can fit back into the jeans that were loose on me this time last year. I am hoping our new Kinect Santa brought us can help with this goal as some of these games really make you break a sweat and they are fun at the same time.

3. To try new things to help with my sons behaviour problems
    He’s a good kid but definitely has his issues with randomly acting out.  One day he is a perfect angel, the next he is the devil in disguise. Our family doctor has ruled out any medically diagnoable issues (add/adhd, etc) and believes we need to go with a trial & error approach to figuring out what triggers these “bad days”. Starting next week we are making some diet changes in an effort to see if there might be a link.

For now I will stick with three. I don’t want to take on more than I can actually accomplish and these three things are important to me. 

Do you make new years resolutions? What will they be this year?

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very happy 2012!! xoxo


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