Sleepy Hugs

As the excitement of the holidays is well behind us, getting back into the normal routine has been my daily goal. Difficult with my oldest still not back to school until Monday but we are getting there. However, we have had a new development wit my daughter that has me scratching my head.

She has become terrified of sleeping.

From very early on, she has been the perfect little sleeper. Bedtime has always been a breeze with her. Heck, she was sleeping 6 – 8 hours straight by 3 months of age.

Now bedtime is screaming & crying. When she does finally fall asleep, the night has just begun. She is waking several times. Two nights ago I was so tired I just ended up bringing her into bed with us… which didn’t help much. She still tossed and turned half the night. The only full night of sleep she got was when she camped out on her brothers bedroom floor. However, he was not to happy about it and has asked us to keep her out of his room after that night.

I know from my son, things like night terrors and other fears can cause quite the disruption. Can I remember how I got him through it? Nope, but I suspect a lot of patience was involved.

Saying all this though, there is one temporary cure that works great. Mommy hugs. When she gets upset, a hug cures all. She calms down and is able to have a conversation with me. We talk about what’s wrong and although she’s still having a hard time explaning, I think we are slowly getting somewhere.

Tonight we set up a “camp out” in her room. Sleeping bag in her room, a special light and an extra song at bedtime. There were no tears tonight. She did try the “I have to go to the bathroom” dance about 3 times (the only reason she is allowed to leave her room after bedtime) but eventually climbed back onto the sleeping bag and, *knock on wood* has not stirred since.

Have you had any significant changes in sleeping? How did you get through it?



2 thoughts on “Sleepy Hugs

  1. Ben went through the same thing at that age. He was a great sleeper from day one, all of a sudden bed time was taking hours. There was yelling and crying by both of us! We solved it by cutting out his afternoon nap. Now by bedtime he is actually tired and goes right to sleep. The change was immediate. May be something you want to consider

  2. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I did cut it for 2 days last week and bedtime was even worse because she was completely overtired so I went back to having a nap… if this keeps up though I’ll try cutting it out longer. Last night was the first night she pretty much went to bed immediately without much fuss but it was daddy’s night to do bedtime so the kids are always a bit different with him. We’ll see how tonight goes. 🙂

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