UPDATE: Gluten Free test

First of all I want to say thank you to the enormous amount of information, resources and support you guys have sent me over the last couple of weeks.  I had no idea there were so many out there with gluten allergies and it’s been a tremendous help being able to talk with some of you.  Many have been asking for updates and as we are just about a month in, here you go 🙂


As you may have read a few weeks ago, Jan 1st we began a Gluten Free diet with our 6 year old son.  It was started as more of a test to see if perhaps a gluten allergy was the cause of his health & behaviour problems we have been encoutering from a young age.  I am happy to report that so far, we have seen tremendous improvement and it seems to be getting better daily.

For the first two weeks, I was skeptical about the changes I was seeing.  I wondered if maybe it was more wishful thinking and I was paying more attention to the good behaviour he already had.  To be honest, I began second guessing this decision thinking it was nuts to believe that something as simple as a change in diet could change things. 

As time went on though, others began to comment.  His teacher is reporting consistant good behaviour.  She even went as far as to say that if this keeps up, he will soon be moved back to a group table with the other kids (he currently sits at his own desk beside the teacher).  She has been slowly introducing him back to group activities and finds that with each day she’s having to speak to him less and less.

My parents have started to notice things as well.  My mom told me that although he can still get very excited, he only requires 1 or 2 reminders to bring him back down – whereas in the past there was pretty much no stopping him once he would start.  He’s had less emotional meltdowns and overall seems much happier.  His focus has also improved 110%.  His desire to read has increased and I can often find him lounging on his bed reading one of his new chapter books he received for Christmas.  His hockey practices have continued to go fantastic, he is focused for the entire hour and he no longer gets sluggish after the midway point.   

The biggest improvement by far is his own confidence.  Every morning I ask him “will we make today a good day?” and his response was always “I don’t know” or “I will try hard” but he always refused to promise me as he didn’t want to break that promise… he knew he probably wouldn’t be able to do it.  Now when I ask him, I get “I promise I will have a great day” with a giant confident smile. 

I’m not going to say that my son now sits still and acts like a “perfect” child.  He is still a boy and I think he does still need to mature socially. But to see such a difference already, in just one month, brings tears to my eyes.  To think that all this time, I was feeding him the very thing that was hurting him. 

As for his health issues – we no longer hear complaints of stomache aches on a daily basis.  His rash has disappeared.  He seems more refreshed when he wakes up in the morning – I believe he’s sleeping better at night.  So will we keep this up?  Of course!!

He even notices a difference.  He says to me “Every since I stopped eating the gluten, I’m not crazy anymore”. 



3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Gluten Free test

  1. This is amazing :). It brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully things continue to get even better for him and your family.

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