February Challenge – do something for you

It’s that time again!  A new month.  I hope those of who you participated in last months challenge were successful and learned something new about yourself.  I know for me, cutting out take-out food showed me just how easy it was to avoid the convenience factor.  Plus I learned some new recipes along the way.

Are you ready for a new challenge ladies?

Do something for YOU! 

Go ahead, be selfish!!  As moms, we are always thinking of everyone but ourselves.  My goal here is that everyone take some time to really reconnect with themselves.  Remember that person… the one with all sorts of hobbies, talent and creativity?  Bring her out for a visit!

Now this is a little less “rule” oriented, however, I want each of you to really think about this.  When was the last time you did something for yourself?  I mean TRULY for YOU!?  Not something that is for your family that you also benefit from… something for you.   A spa day?  A new wardrobe?  Time dedicated to a passion of yours?

This doesn’t need to be expensive, or even very time-consuming.  Think of what you truly loved doing in your spare time before you had kids… remember all the way back then??  You did have interests that didn’t involve the Wiggles & Elmo believe it or not.   Perhaps you were into music… grab a friend and go to a concert!  Did you like making something?  Dig out that box of supplies from the back of the closet and get creative.  Maybe you enjoyed reading but never seem to have time anymore?  Grab a new book and promise yourself to finish it by the end of the month. 

Our lives may be very different now but having just returned from an amazing girl weekend away in Vegas, I know more than ever how important it is to rekindle the old you.  There’s nothing wrong with spending some time with yourself.  Often times we find ourselves in a day-to-day routine that, although fabulous, we may lose a small piece of our individuality with each day. 

I know so many moms that this particular month will be quite the challenge for.  Kids running around in every directions… finding time for you is going to be tough.  However, it’s an exciting opportunity to maybe find a piece of you that has been missed (and your spouse might actually welcome the reminder of the “old you”). 

So sit down, think about what you WANT to do!  I would love to hear what you decide so go ahead and post here, facebook or twitter.  Although this is a challenge for this month, my hope is that you will find time for yourself on a more regular basis.   Find a balance that works.  If it makes you happy, it can’t be all that bad.  🙂

P.S. – I haven’t decided for certain yet but I’m debating between bringing out my guitar, my sketchpad or maybe pick up a book I’ve been dying to read.  Maybe all 3….



2 thoughts on “February Challenge – do something for you

  1. I didn’t quite make it through last months challenge, lasted until day 20 or 25 (I can’t remember, but my family failed long before then! We are trying again last month’s challenge this month from Feb 5 to 29th as a family). Up until my birthday weekend/anniversary week I did great, then a whole 6 days of indulgence which was also great!! As for this month’s challenge I am the mom who rarely did anything for herself, until this past December. I decided to take charge, and started bootcamp. This is totally for me and me only, and I love it! I also started purchasing myself some new clothes (likely because I felt better about myself due to exercise!), some were as Christmas gifts to me, and some were just because I needed and deserved them (as I haven’t changed size since age 14 I really haven’t had to buy a new wardrobe ever just add a piece here and there – but I thought I needed a revamp so I did! Now many were second hand still but that certainly doesn’t matter to me!). There isn’t much I will add this month as I am still going to bootcamp weekly (and the original plan was just a month, and we now begin month 3!) and have also added exercise at home as a must. Each night there is “ME” time to do this, now my family is welcome to do it with me, but for that time period I take over the floor in the livingroom (train tracks need to be put away) and I get control of the tv if an exercise dvd, or my phone if I am doing a bootcamp app 🙂 Luckily my son can’t wait to particpate each night, so I get the best of both worlds.

    One other thing I would love to share with you ladies that I did was a boudoir photo session. I did it for my husband as an anniversary gift but also for me as a 30th birthday gift. It was a lot of fun and definitely empowering. When you view a photo of yourself after the fact you feel so much better about how you look as to how you think you look in your mind (in my mind I always need to drop another 10 lbs). It was inspirational to not only keep working hard but also revealed the hard work I have done. I have already planned to do this again next year, as motivation to keep working hard, and keep this “ME” time for exercise (or whatever your ME thing is) as that is important to me.

    This challenge for me will be hard to top what I have already done over the last 2 months!

  2. So great! 🙂 I know you’ve been working very hard and it definitely shows!

    It’s so great to do stuff for yourself, especially when it comes to health. We want to live a very long time, see our children & grandchildren grow up and what you are doing is definitely going to benefit you not just now but in the future.

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