Living Room Fun

I have a trampoline in my living room.


When we bought the trampoline from a friend to give to the kids at Christmas, I wondered where we would put it. At first, I immediately retired it to the garage waiting for warmer weather, when it could go in the back yard. I thought about the basement… no, not enough open floor space. Anywhere else in the house? No way! Especially not the living room.

A few weeks as go, when Sophie and I returned from her gymnastics class, I was sitting on the couch checking my email while my daughter jumped around the living room, pretending she was bouncing on a trampoline. Without even thinking, I went to the garage, pulled out the trampoline and put it down on the living room floor. Her eyes got wide and a huge grin appeared on her face as she stared at it. “Can I jump”? She asked.

Its been about 3 weeks now and that trampoline has become a fixture in our living room. Both kids spend quite a bit of time jumping on it daily and even came up with a game together to help them take turns. They don’t fight over it and will jump until they are out of breath. Its extra exercise and a lot of fun. Even I have been found jumping on it on occasion.

Why was the living room never an option before? I guess I was stuck in that adult mentality that the living room was not for toys… it is my relax space and a teampoline would seem ridiculous, right? Looking back, that mentality is a bit ridiculous! The kids are having fun and its good for them. So what if it looks strange to visitors? We live here.

Sometimes its good to take a step back and remember what it was like to be a kid… and let that kid in all of us have a little fun on occasion. The world gets too serious at times and its nice to take a break from that. So in my house, we are all goofy kids who just want to jump on a trampoline.

So will I move the trampoline outside come spring? Probably not! 


7 thoughts on “Living Room Fun

  1. Love it!!! Where did you buy the trampoline? We let Trent jump on the sofa while holding our hands….the trampolline is a better solution!!!!

  2. I was just looking yesterday online at trampolines… I have been wanting to get a mini one. It’s my daughters favourite part of her dance class. I was surprised at the benefits of trampolines, so good for you! I didn’t realize that jumping could be so good for kids & adults too!

  3. Wow! I agree, our living room has been a toy room since we moved here. I figure the house if for the kids – I mean if we didn’t have kids we wouldn’t have bought this house, and my hubs and I would have stayed in our cozy, little CLEAN apartment. You’re the cool mom now for having a trampoline in the house. Congrats!

  4. I think your right thinking our living rooms are just for company or just to visit, besides great conversation, and your doing something good by allowing the kids to get more exercise especially in the winter, Good job! I am stopping by from Wild Weekend Hop, I hope you can follow mine as well . Stop by for the Win A Bundle Weekend!! Oh! My Heartsie Oh! My Heartsie
    Thanks have a great day! Karren

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