March Challenge

I’d like to thank you all in advance for your patience during the site changes!  I know our March Challenge is arriving late, however as it is a daily challenge, you can simply start today – who knows, you may end up continuing this challenge beyond the month of March!!

Did you ever keep a journal or diary?

I know when I was a tween and maybe even into my teen years, I would often write my deepest thoughts and emotions down in my little notebook.  Did you keep one?  It was a release of feelings, confidential between you and the notebook you would so feverishly write in when you had a bad day.  Perhaps it was about a boy you had a crush on, or a parent who made you incredibly angry.  You may have written hurtful things but in the confines of those pieces of paper, you knew you didn’t really mean them.  That release of information was soothing in a way, it helped get your thoughts together and stop you from doing something unnecessary or saying something you would later regret.  The journal was a safe zone.

Back in the day, women would write all the time.  It was a sort of memoire, a place where you could document your life and perhaps hand down to your granddaughter years later.

For the March Challenge, I want each of you to get out a new notebook and a pen and get writing.  Every day.  It doesn’t matter what you write.  Your thoughts, feelings, memories from that day or even something as simple as a to-do list.  Maybe a letter you will never send?  Getting this information out of your head and organized on paper can help you sleep better and get your thoughts in check.

You don’t need to write long – it’s amazing what you can write down in just a few minutes a day.

My one rule – no electronic journals.  We are going old-school.  No deleting – you want to “delete” something, you cross it out.  It might just help you write what you really feel and not how you think it should sound.  Plus, our handwriting could use a little practice after all the typing we do nowadays.  🙂

So get writing.  Clear your mind.  You may just pick the old habit back up!


One thought on “March Challenge

  1. I have a major challenge of getting into the best shape of my life for 4 months from Thursday, and I am starting tomorrow! So I have decided to journal my exercise, diet, goals and plans for the week with a pen and paper and update daily! I shall get my notebook ready before bed 🙂

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