March Break Madness!

March break! Wow, anyone surviving?

As Mike couldn’t take the week off, we opted to start off the week with a mini-vacation with the kids. We found a hotel deal in Toronto and took the kids down for 1 night. Mike was able to go straight to work Monday morning while the kids and I stayed at the hotel for the rest of the morning. It’s amazing how simply going to a hotel can be such an adventure for them. Even though we had a tiny room with barely enough room for the two double beds in it, they thought it was fanstastic. I kept hearing over and over “we are having so much fun on our vacation”. We spent a lot of time in the hotel pool, went out for dinner and just had some fun family time together. I was a bit sad to come home and did wish we could have extended longer.

Today was probably the craziest day we will have all week. I had to work and both kids were home with me. I’ve had both kids home many times before… Nate was home sick from school most of last week and it seemed pretty simple. However, I didn’t take into account that it was so calm because he was sick and was happy spending the day laying on the couch. Today was the complete opposite. Chaos is a good word. I had several conference calls with work so I had to give them instructions to keep them busy for about 3 hours straight. No issues, they had fun. However, the house is a complete mess, I’m not even sure where to start!

Luckily, tomorrow I am off so we have a few things planned. As the weather is nice, we can actually spend some time outside which will burn off some of that energy. Thursday & Friday the kids are in a 1/2 day camp. SO I believe I’m past the worst of it. Hopefully….

How is your march break going? Any fun plans?


One thought on “March Break Madness!

  1. We have a super busy week planned. I am working all week, but took a few hours vacation on three of the days to do some fun stuff. Today we did a reptile zoo show followed by a long hour plus walk with friends down the lakefront trail. Tomorrow a juggling or carnival type show, Thursday swimming, Friday a music and children’s show, and hopefully some rest and visiting Saturday before a baptism Sunday. I love the abundance of stuff to do on March break!

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