Personal goals

I don’t know what it is about spring that brings this out, but man am I ready to fit back into my old jeans!

This time last year, I had finally reached a size/weight that was starting to make me feel really good about how I looked. So good in fact, that i donated all of my “fat” clothes and was determined I wasn’t going back.

Oh how quickly things changed.

I know when it started. It was when we were putting offers in to buy our first house.  It was around the same time that i was starting to accept the fact that my goal of running a half marathon was never going to happen due to an old knee injury that would flair up every time I went out running. I am a huge stress eater and that week, I stuffed my face like I had never done before. I kept telling myself that one week wouldn’t cause any trouble… but in reality,it started a nasty downhill spiral. After the house, it was the stress of moving. Then the stress of getting a new job. Then the wedding. When went for my final dress fitting, I felt embarrassed that the dress that fit me like a glove was now super tight. However, I couldn’t do anything about it so I just accepted it.

Then the honeymoon… and then winter came and my motivation went out the window.

I think it hit me pretty hard when the amazing skinny jeans I had bought last year could no longer be done up. I wasn’t about to go buy bigger clothes though so I settled with several pairs of spanx-like products to suck it all in. Oy! I was in major denial.

So here I am, right back where I started. With the nice weather, the sweaters are coming off and I am not happy at all with how I even look in a t-shirt.  My energy I had gained is gone as well.

Its time.

I’m going to put together a plan. The bad food is leaving this house. I am going to force my schedule to allow for activity. I just want to fit back into those jeans again.  Here os a pic of my sister and I during a time last year when I was feeling fabulous!

Anyone else with me?



5 thoughts on “Personal goals

  1. I hear yah! I did Herbal Magic…lost over 100 pounds after having Nolan….at my wedding I was my highschool weight! I wore a size 8 wedding gown!!!! I was soooo stoked and so happy….then I started production where I have NO control over my schedule and the term “regular eating habits’ doesn’t exist…I drive through something when I get 30 seconds…and if I don’t have 30 seconds I don’t eat…if I’m on set we have catering so I don’t choose what I eat, other people do…I’ve gained back about 30 pounds so let’s do this. I’m in!

  2. Me too! I gained 35lbs with my last pregnancy, dropped 25 and then at Christmas, gained another 10 back. I have lots of excuses, but with the nice weather creeping in, and a toddler and preschooler to motiviate me, it is time to get off my butt and shed these last 20lbs.

  3. I could have wrote this exact post!! So frustrated and angry at myself for letting it get so out of hand! Can’t wait to start bootcamp and the new challenge!!

  4. You are still the most beautiful woman any size that you are, your smile radiates positive energy. Even saying this, as your friend I want to support you and your goals and hope I can kick your butt a little to get you wear you want to be! You can do it Jenn!

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