APRIL Challenge!

With April in full swing, let’s talk Challenge!!

Don’t be deceived by the date… there’s still lots of time and this month is all about SPRING CLEANING!

My challenge to you, look around your house and pick the one area that always seems to suffer.  Perhaps a closet that is so dusty, you wonder what lurks in there?  Maybe a garage that has been gathering things that you will figure out what to do with later?  A storage room that has WAY too much stuff stored?  Bathroom cabinets that contain prescriptions from 2007?   Whatever your space, spring is in the air so take advantage.

It may appear simple but a challenge like this will require a little motivation.  So, I would love to see BEFORE & AFTER pictures from your spring cleaning project.  Submit your photos on the facebook wall and I will include them in a later post  🙂

I’m still trying to decide what I will tackle.  I’m thinking my front hall closet might be the best choice as it’s so full of stuff we don’t wear anymore, the stuff that we do doesn’t even fit in there!


3 thoughts on “APRIL Challenge!

  1. Great challenge. I feel like I do this constantly! We’re still adjusting to having so many people in one house and we’ve been purging non stop.
    Last week we tackled our pantry. We labelled where everything goes in hopes that it will stay this way. So far so good…
    I posted pictures on my blog, can’t wait to see what others tackle

  2. I actually was just coming to check to see what this month’s challenge was! We too seem to do this constantly! I just did the basement last month. It feels like you start in one place in the house and by the time you do all places it is time to go back to the first place all over again!!

  3. hmmm…my problem is that I need some sort of storage unit for the closet I have in mind. I recently moved the twin bed from the office/guest room into Trent’s room and that left an open space for me to set-up a craft area. The closet in this room is jam-packed with all of my supplies that I wish I could organize. I have yet to find inspiration on how to change up this room so I won’t be able to particpate util I find the right storage unit.

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