Going Green with Norwex

I struggled a bit with my decision to blog about this topic.  Because this company benefits me financially, I had to wonder if it was appropriate to use my blog to promote the products.  My amazing husband reminded me that this is MY personal blog and I should be allowed to add whatever I please to it.  However, my purpose of adding this isn’t for “sales” – I truly wish to promote a greener lifestyle so in addition to discussing the products, I will be using this section to discuss other ways our family is trying to make a positive impact on the environment… and perhaps even come clean about the ways we are not doing that.  As always, I also fully welcome topics, suggestions and encourage anyone who is passionate about green living to contribute by writing a piece for the site.  If you are interested, please contact me and we can chat!  




I confess, my family has not been kind to the environment.  We only recently began recycling and are still struggling with keeping up with composting.  Although we have cut down, using a Brita faucet system instead, I can still be seen on occasion sporting a disposable bottle of water.  And until recently, my home was filled with aerosol cans, windex, antibacterial disposable wipes and other assorted chemical products.

Just a few weeks ago, I became an Independent Consultant for Norwex products.  If you have never heard of Norwex, they are a company that promotes green cleaning & personal care products.  They discourage the use of disposable cleaning items, harsh chemicals and sprays – offering durable products that will last you years and save you money & time.  Imagine being able to clean your home with water!

Norwex is a direct marketing company, products being sold by consultants at home parties, trade shows & flea markets.  I completely understand why they went this route.  These products cannot simply be sold on a shelf in a store.  The initial cost appears a bit frightening at first – it truly takes an explanation and demo to really understand the benefits and how it will actually save you money over time.

Two months ago, I had never heard of Norwex.  I was invited to attend a home party and, having been to other home parties in the past, I thought I knew what to expect.  My plan was to kindly buy one product.  However, by the end of the presentation, I was in awe.  Could these products really do what they say they can??

I wanted everything in the catalogue.

When I got home I discussed the opportunity with my husband and after sitting on it for about 2 weeks, I still felt strongly about the products, the company and well, the rest is history.

Now that I have my Norwex business, I am quickly buying up the entire product line.  I don’t have everything yet but as new items arrive, I am excited to try them out.

So, I have decided that as I try the products for myself, I am going to let you know how it goes.

Today I cleaned the bathrooms – look for the product post tomorrow!!!


If you haven’t yet, please take a moment and join my facebook page for Norwex:  https://www.facebook.com/JennNorwex



One thought on “Going Green with Norwex

  1. I look forward to hearing the reviews! I have a few of the cloths and I would buy more if I could find the right ones for my needs! Great work Jenn!

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