Bathroom cleaning

I cringe at the thought of cleaning bathrooms.  Especially the kids bathroom.  How two small children can make such a mess (and smell) in a small amount of time is beyond me.   By the end of the week, the entire room stinks, there is toothpaste everywhere and the tub looks like I’ve been bathing muddy dogs in it.

The process of cleaning this room has always been quite the task.  I would come armed to the door with a bucket full of cleaning supplies, assorted sponges & cloths, a mop and of a pair of rubber gloves.  I can easily say it would take me 25 minutes minimum to get this room clean because after I was done using all the chemicals, I would then re-wipe everything to try and dilute the chemicals a bit more.  When I was done, I would give the room a good spray of Febreeze to mask the chemical smell.  HA!  Using chemical to hide chemical smell??   It now seems so ridiculous.

Yesterday, that room was double dirty as it had been more than 2 weeks since I had cleaned it.  My daughter came out of the bathroom at one point and said “mommy, it smells bad in there”… so you know it’s bad when a 3 year old thinks a room stinks.

Yesterday I cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom in less than 10 minutes!

When I received my first Norwex order, it contained an item I was pretty excited about: the Bathroom Scrub Mitt

This product has completely blown me away!!  One side is rough, meant for scrubbing and the other side a plush antibacterial microfiber, great for wiping down all surfaces and sucking away all the germs.

I entered the battle zone, mitt on my hand.  I wet the entire mit, rung it out and started with the sink & counter.  No chemicals, no sprays.  Just the mitt and water.  The scrubbing side was great at taking away all the toothpaste, even the hard dried on stuff stuck to the side of the sink.  Although it appears quite rough, it didn’t scratch anything (although you are encouraged to do a spot test first JUST to be sure).  After scrubbing, I flipped the mitt over and used the plush side to wipe all the counters down.  Throughout, I was simply rinsing the mitt with warm water and ringing it out.

I repeated this with the tub and finally, the toilet.  Yes, all with one cloth!  That’s the fabulous thing about the Norwex microfiber – there is no cross-contamination so you can use the mitt over and over without worry of transferring germs.

After I was done, I took at look at the floors.  I haven’t received my mop yet so I was about to go pull out the traditional mop when I had an idea.  I rinsed the cloth yet again, got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the floors with the same mitt.  The scrubbing side was great for taking up little marks on the tile, then I flipped it over for an overall floor clean.  The great thing was that because it’s a mitt, I could use my fingers to get into the corners and along the side of the tub & walls.

Truly the greatest cleaning product I have ever owned!

On all the faucets, I got out my Norwex Cleaning Paste.  You need the smallest amount but it cleans the faucets great, making them shine like brand new.  Also, I noticed after everything dried, I did not end up with water marks on the shower faucet which has always been something that annoyed me to no end.

I used a Norwex window cloth on the mirror.  I simply sprayed the mirror with some water (you can purchase a spray bottle at the dollar store for this) and then wiped with the window cloth.  Absolutely no streaks and the mirror looked just as good, if not better, than when I would use windex.  I showed my husband and he couldn’t believe I got the mirrors looking that great with only water!  Normally when I would clean the mirrors, I would end up using a bunch of paper towel – this cloth is reusable and machine washable!

To finish off, as I do have a habit of needing to spray something to help get rid of the lingering odours in the bathroom, I used the Norwex Refresh Odour Neutralizer.  This product contains 4 ingredients:  Water, amylase, rosemary extract and lemon extract.  That’s it!  It leaves the room smelling fresh – and a REAL smell of fresh, not a made up smell of those other odour neutralizers out there.

All of that in less than 10 minutes.

I then moved onto our en-suite bathroom.  I used the same routine but with one added step.  Our shower walls have already picked up some calcium.  I can feel it when I rub my hand on the wall.  Also, there is a bit of rust forming around the drain.  So I pulled out my Norwex Descaler.  I followed the instructions which were to spray the area, wait 5-10 minutes, then wipe with a damp enviro cloth.  The tiles came completely clean and the rust wiped right off of the drain.  This product also prevents further buildup so it’s not only cleaning but it’s protecting.

To say I am impressed with these products so far is an understatement.  I am thrilled!  They have saved me time and based on how little of the products I had to use, I can safely say that they are going to last me a very long time before I will need to reorder.  With a regular cleaning product, I would use half a bottle just cleaning my bathrooms alone.

At the rate that I’m using the cleaning paste – It will take me years to go through 1 jar.

Here is a link to each of the products mentioned:

Kitchen Scrub Mitt

Refresh Odour Neutralizer


Window Cloth

Cleaning Paste

Next, I will be discussing laundry!


2 thoughts on “Bathroom cleaning

  1. I am intrigued. I enjoy cleaning but I know that I use a lot of chemicals. Not sure if I could ever give up chemicals on the toilet though. Living in Port Perry, or water is very hard. We disconnected our water softener as the salt was damaging our male cat’s urinary system; anywho…we get a lot of build up in the showers. CLR doesn’t even cut it. I am a bit sceptical about the mitt but I would love to try it out. I use the window cloth and I am impressed with it’s performance. Can’t wait to here about your next cleaning mission!

  2. I will bring my mitt & Descaler to your party so you can give them a try 🙂 I have a feeling you are going to be impressed!

    As for the toilet, Norwex sells a toilet brush. It’s a really cool system, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but am excited to and will tell you all about it at your party 🙂

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