Mom Worries

I worry A LOT.  About everything.  I tend to over-think, over-analyze and run worst case scenarios through my head.  I’ve been working on that.  I’m a very positive person but these thoughts tend to bring me down.  And when you’re a mom, you know, this can never be good.

On Monday, we were getting ready to go out and my 6 year old decided he wanted to be The Incredible Hulk and see how high he could lift his 3 year old sister.  I was in the kitchen filling water bottles when I hurt a bang against the coffee table and then a cry.   Understand, my son is 50 lbs soaking wet and his sister is 35 lbs so lifting her was definitely not a good idea.

I ran to her rescue and she immediately began complaining of her foot.  She was holding it and saying it really hurt.  I looked and could see some swelling start up.  We sat on the couch, I got an ice pack and I nursed her foot while her brother repeated his apology to her (he did feel REALLY bad).

So then my mind is in overdrive.  Is it a sprain? A bruise? A fracture?  After awhile I had her try and walk and as soon as she put pressure on that foot, she cried out in pain.  However, when she was sitting, her spirits were good and there were no complaints.

I decided to change my shift at work for the next day and take her for an x-ray.  I barely slept that night, imagining her having to get a cast.  I even had a dream that her foot needed to be amputated.  That’s my over-reactive brain at work, it’s lovely.

That morning, again she cried out in pain when she tried to walk on the foot.  She took to crawling around the living room while I got our son ready for school.  Once we dropped him off, we headed to the hospital.

The doctor comes in the room and strikes up a conversation with my daughter.  She’s showing off her newly painted toe nails, talking about her favourite colour and animals.  All while the doctor is examining the foot.  She didn’t flinch even once.  So then I explained that it seemed to only be painful when she put pressure on it.  She asks my daughter to stand up, she stands on one foot.  She asks her to put the other foot down, she does.  They go through the motions, stand on one foot, then the other.  Take a few steps, stand on your tippy toes.  Not one cry of pain!!  She had a little limp when she walked, that was it.

Little bugger!!!!

The doctor tells me it’s definitely not anything serious.  The swelling will go down quickly – it is probably a mild sprain or bruise.  At least she didn’t look at me like I was insane.  She laughed and said it’s common for kids this age to have fear due to previous pain.  Most likely she recalled the pain from the day before and was afraid to put any pressure on her foot, that’s why she continued to cry out.   Probably half that, half the fact that she loved the attention and being carried around everywhere!

Last night I slept much better.  No dreams of amputated limbs.  That will last… until the next injury.  🙂


One thought on “Mom Worries

  1. Oh Jenn, I so appreciate the mom worries! Thank you for sharing the doctor’s comments about remembering the pain. It makes sense! A teach told me yesterday, being a parent is a constant dance. So very true, who knew we could worry and feel guilty so much 🙂

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