REVIEW: Grocery Gateway

Over the last two days, I have had 3 separate conversations about this company.  This has encouraged me to put together this review for anyone who may be considering using this service.  Enjoy  🙂


Groceries delivered to my house?  Not having to drag the kids to the store, navigating my way through busy lineups, long lineups, loading/unloading bags of groceries from the car?

Where do I sign!?!

For those of you who have never heard of this company, Grocery Gateway is a grocery service.  You log on to their website, choose your grocery items and select a delivery time.   That’s it!

I had heard of them years ago but at the time I didn’t live in their delivery area.  Then, this past summer we moved and when I started my new job, their name came up as this is the company my work orders their groceries from.  I am always impressed by the quality of food at work and now that we live in their delivery area, I thought WTH! I’ll give it a try.



Now, the first time I placed an order, it did take me awhile to get the hang of the site.  It really does help to make a list ahead of time so you know where to start.  You simply click on the relevant category, whether it be Fresh Market, Grocery, Organic & Natural or Health & Beauty.  Within those categories, everything is organized into subcategories.   So you could go into Fresh Market, then choose Produce and narrow it down even further.  Or if you prefer, simply use the search box to look for a specific item.

The thing to keep in mind is that many of the items you are ordering (think produce and meat), you are going to get an estimated total on price.  Obviously not everything is the exact same size & weight so it will tell you the price per lb and the average size.  Once your order arrives, you will see the actual price on your invoice.   When buying loose produce, you simply specify the number you want.  10 apples for example.

Overall, the site is easy to navigate.  There are photos of the products and many product labels have been entered onto the site.  As a side note, for a Gluten Free family, in each subcategory you can look at the Gluten Free products.  However, not everything GF is listed.  It simply narrows down the products that are advertised GF.   The labels help for those products you aren’t sure of and for those items without a label on the site, you may want to skip them.  Or, if you are a household like ours where not everyone is eating GF, you can always buy it and check the label when it arrives if you know you can at least feed it to someone.  Then make note for next time you order.  I did this with some deli meats I was unsure about.  The ones that were not GF, I simply gave to my husband for his lunch.



When you place your order, you need to select a delivery time.  The cutoff for next-day delivery is 7pm for an AM delivery and 11pm for a PM delivery.  This means you can modify your order as many times as you’d like until that cutoff time.  The delivery windows are in 2 hour periods which I love.   So you know you will need to be home, say, between the hours of 8am – 10am (or whatever time frame you choose).

The best part!?  They deliver on Saturday mornings.  I was able to place an order on Friday and have them bring it first thing Saturday.

So how does the delivery work?

It’s actually such an easy process.  The truck shows up and your delivery person asks you where you want the groceries.  I told him the kitchen and he carried the boxes right into the kitchen for me.  I signed, paid and was done!   For my 2nd delivery, he even took the boxes I had from the 1st delivery as they will reuse them.

What I like is that I had the same delivery guy both times.  I don’t know if that will always be the case but it would be nice.  He was super-polite, we chatted but it wasn’t too much and then he was gone.  When you have someone you don’t know coming into your home, it can feel a little strange – and I found myself feeling a sigh of relief when I saw it was the same person again.



Soooooo how much does this all cost?   The delivery fee is $10.  That’s it.  To me, $10 is completely worth not having to drive to the store, shop and unload the car.

But what about their prices?  Grocery Gateway is owned by Longos.  I would compare their prices to a Lawblaws chain store.  If you are a shopper who likes coupons and going to whatever grocery store is having a sale that day, then I don’t think you would like this service.  However, if you shop like me and you just go to the closest store with the most open registers, then this service is fantastic.

There are sales on their site.  Every week there are new items on.  The great thing is that you can sort by price so you can see the cheapest items first and go from there.

HOWEVER, here is where I am saving the most money.  No temptation!!!  When I go to the grocery store, I walk up and down every aisle (I know, soooo bad!!!) and I am a grabber.  If it looks good, I grab it.  Show me a pretty display with the price is big bold letters and I’m sold.  In my 2 orders so far, I have spent approximately $50 – $80 less than I usually do in a 2 week grocery shop

Grocery Gateway accepts 2 types of payment – credit card & Interact at the door.  Now, if paying by credit card, it states on the website that they will hold your estimated total, plus 50% .  This accounts for any changes in your order between when you first enter it and your cutoff time.  It also protects them for the difference between the estimated total and the actual total.  I personally didn’t want to go that route so I went with Interact At The Door.  I simply pay the actual amount at the time of delivery.  CONVENIENT!!!!



Ok so the big question… how’s the quality of the food?

This is the area that I will give this company 5 stars!!!  The quality of every single item I have received so far has been beyond my expectations!  The produce is large, looks and tastes fantastic.  The bread and eggs are fresh.  The packaged products un-damaged.  The meat is excellent quality.  Last night my husband and I ate two striploin steaks I had bought with my last order and frozen.  They were better than any steak we have ever bought from our grocery store… and I am willing to compare them to butcher quality.  Thick, they cooked great and for two people who are VERY picky about our steaks, we were very impressed.

For this reason, I believe I am going to start ordering weekly instead of bi-weekly.

I have always been a two-week shopper.  Every two weeks, I do a big shop and then once or twice the following week, we have to run out to stock back up on the fresh essentials (milk, bread, fruit, veggies).   However, their produce is amazing and lasts!  Last night I cut into a green pepper from my order over a week ago and it’s still crispy and fresh as it was the day I received it.



Well, you knew there’d have to be some.  For me, the cons are the lack of no-name type products.  Certain items are definitely too pricey which does require another trip to our local grocery store.  Big example – pop.  My husband is a big pop drinker and I refuse to spend $2.29 a bottle.  So I will still wait for sales and go stock up myself.

Also, although they do have Gluten Free products, they don’t have a big enough range.  They don’t sell the bread my son likes.  However, most of the items I need for him are either pantry items or can be frozen, so going to the grocery store once a month to stock up on those things isn’t the worst thing in the world.  My husband went yesterday, bought 4 loaves of his bread which are now in the freezer and so now I’m set for the month of May.

Another con, they don’t accept vendor coupons.  However, although I like a good deal, I can’t be bothered with coupons for the most part.  Plus, they do send you an email with GG coupons from time to time.  I just received one a couple days ago in my email for $5 off my next order.



I’m impressed.  Groceries delivered to my house, I’m saving money, I’m not buying temptation foods, I have more time at home with my family and we are eating healthier.  Worth $10 an order?  Ummmm YES!


If you are interested in signing up for Grocery Gateway, please use the Contact Me form on this website and I can send you a referral code for $5 – $10 off your first order (I say $5 – $10 because the site tells me it’s $5 but the last person I referred said when she logged in, she got $10 off).  



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