Well in the last couple of weeks, it’s been so incredibly busy & exciting getting my Norwex business up and running.  I’ve had some great parties, met some fabulous ladies and sold an amazing amount of these awesome products.  I am excited about them, my customers are excited about them.  Hearing the reviews coming in from everyone about how much they love their products just solidifies for me how I am doing a good thing.  Not only is this a 2nd income for me, I feel like I am educating and giving families the opportunity to make their homes safer & healthier.

In this review, I am going to discuss laundry.  When I signed on as a Norwex representative, I was actually very excited about the laundry detergent.  I have struggled for 7 years in this department.  My son gets these rashes that are just sad to look at.  My only option was to wash his cloths in the infant detergent and I couldn’t use any dryer sheets or fabric softener.  I tried unscented, sensitive skin, perfume free… any label that promised me it might be better, I bought.  Unfortunately, none really did the trick.

The Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent is a natural, biodegradable detergent that promises to work just as good as any other detergent at cleaning your clothes, without the harsh chemicals or perfumes.  It can be used in any temperature of water and is safe for both top loading and front loading washing machines.

In addition to the detergent, Norwex sells their own brand of Dryer Balls.  These have become so popular that they are actually the first item that we’ve had go on back order.  They are also my best seller, almost every customer so far has ordered a pair.  I have 7 pair on my backorder list right now!

You may have seen other dryer balls.  Those traditional blue round ones you may have seen in other stores.  I’ve seen a variation of them in the dollar store.  I have tried them all in hopes of ditching dryer sheets & fabric softener over the years.  Never have I found they did much other than make a lot of noise in the dryer.   These Norwex dryer balls differ immediately in their shape.  The oval shapes allows them to move with your dryer drum as it spins.  They have been found to make a lot less noise (I don’t even hear them after the first 3 or 4 rotations, they claim to separate your laundry in the machine so it dries faster, while still removing static and keeping your everything fluffy.

So I put it to the test.

I washed a load of towels the “old” way and then a week later when those same towels needed to be washed again, I used my Norwex system.  I wrote down my findings after each load so I could compare.

I have an automatic dryer setting, which senses if the items are dry or not.  It’s great since I don’t have to guess an amount of time to put them in.  It’s an energy saving feature as the dryer only runs for as long as needed.  I used this setting for the test so I wouldn’t have to be checking the towels to see when they were done.

Test 1 –

I used the Norwex Ultra Power Plus detergent.  Followed by the Norwex Dryer Balls.

Test 2 –

I used Tide Cold Water detergent. Followed the instructions on the bottle, using cold water in my washing machine. Following the wash cycle, the towels went into the dryer with 1 bounce dryer sheet.


There were three main differences that I noted.

1)  Norwex laundry dried in HALF the time of the Test 2 load.  Nowex = 22 minutes  Regular = 45 minutes   – to me, that equals a huge energy savings.

2) Norwex laundry produced less lint.  I have noticed this on every load so far, that my lint filter isn’t filling like it used to.

3) The Test 2 laundry had an obvious filmy texture to it.  Most likely left on it from the dryer sheet.  I even went over to my linen shelf and took another towel that had been washed the Norwex way and felt it and there was quite an obvious difference.


In addition to the findings above, since switching to Norwex soap & dryer balls, I have noticed my kids are not as itchy, my son isn’t getting rashes when he sweats anymore and I am really starting to notice just how strong the perfumes in those other products are.  When I did the Test 2 load, we had been using Norwex soap for about 2 weeks.  Taking those towels out of the dryer, my poor nose was not happy.  The over-powering perfume smell coming off those towels – I was embarrassed that I used to think that was a good smell!

Something I mentioned at my party last night was that I didn’t feel right recommending products that I haven’t tried yet.  So to be able to try these items and see that they worked better than advertised?  AMAZING!

If you are interested, here are the links to the products.

Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent

Dryer Balls – Currently on backorder so I don’t even have a link to order them.  Will add the link to this page once it’s back up.  In the meantime, if you’d like to join my backorder list, which is a list of people who want them and I will be placing orders for once they are back in stock), please use the Contact Me form on this website.  🙂


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