For Wax Sakes…

This post is going to be a little TMI so read with caution. LOL

ok, I fully admit, I have always been terrified of waxing. Once in university, I bought a kit and tried to do my legs. One pull and I’m sure the neighbours though I was being murdered! I refused to do anymore than that one strip and threw the kit in the garbage. For 2 weeks I stared at the large bruise on my leg, cursing whoever invented the technique. I realize I am not a professional and that I did it all wrong. However, the pain was so bad that I said I would never do it again.

Fast forward about 9 years. I have accepted eyebrow waxing into my life as I figured that couldn’t be more painful than plucking… which it’s not. However, every spring I think of the idea of waxing as the idea of shaving several times a week just isn’t that appealing. I always chicken out though, thinking that people are nuts.

Recently, a good friend of mine has been going to school as she would like to open her own spa. She’s been learning all the proper techniques for manicures, pedicures, massage, etc… and of course, waxing. She is always asking friends to be her guinea pigs to try out new things or to get practice in. A few months ago, I allowed her to wax my eyebrows. Then two weeks ago, she was coming down to my house and asked if she should bring her waxing stuff. I felt bad last time that she had to lug it all down for a couple of caterpillars growing above my eyes so out of the blue, I blurted out “I could use a bikini wax”.

WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING?!?!! For the week leading up, I got myself completely hyped up. Should I cancel? I even started watching YouTube videos of people videotaping their faces during their first bikini wax. Why would I do that? I am insane, that’s why.

Now, we aren’t talking full brazilian here (read below why that’s NEVER happening). Just a simple bikini wax to clean up my winter laziness (TMI?)…

The day came and I convinced myself that I can always ask her to stop. So I gritted my teeth, laid down and accepted what was about to happen.

I held my breath as she removed the first strip. Ouch! Oh, actually, that wasn’t so bad. Felt similar to getting my eyebrow done – stings for a moment but then the pain is gone. Okay okay, I can do this.

YA, well, that was because she was mostly doing leg there… the next strip was a little more towards the nether region. OMG OUCHIE!!!!! Ok that one hurt much more.

This is the part where she explains as it’s my first time, there will probably be some bleeding. OY!

Each strip seemed to hurt more and more, I think because she’s moving from the outside to the inside, the closer you get to, uh hum ville, the more sensitive the skin. By the time she finished side A, I had tears in my eyes, not just from the pain but from the embarrassment that I couldn’t handle the pain. I’ve never been good with pain.

This is why I will NEVER do a brazilian. Not happening. Ever, never, nope, nada, not a freakin chance.

Saying that though, here’s what I learned.

I CAN handle legs done by a professional. I am booking her to come back and do legs… possibly even armpits as she informed me that doesn’t hurt nearly as much as bikini area.

I also know that it’s not going to hurt as bad the next time I get it done. It gets easier and I could see how those devout brazilians would be able to get used to it. However, the look never appealed to me. Makes me think of a little girl and I have always been weirded out by the fact that guys like that look. Yes I am partially trying to convince myself I hate the look so that I don’t ever get the dumb idea to actually get it done… but mostly I do hate the look.

So will I get it done again in a few weeks? Ya I think so. I want to try again to see if it really does get better. I also HATE shaving down there so this solution makes much more sense. And I will probably let her do my legs. Maybe even my armpits… that would be nice. We’ll see about that one though… maybe I should YouTube some reaction videos first. LOL

J xo


3 thoughts on “For Wax Sakes…

  1. Went for a similar experience myself. I have done my eyebrows and legs with waxing, both at home and at a salon. I thought I could handle getting a bikini wax. I was curious about the Brazilian so I was told we could start with the bikini and keep working in to see how far I would get. I could handle the bikini waxing, although it did bring tears to my eyes as well. But as she went closer and closer to removing all hair I had to get her to stop. There was no way I could imagine getting any closer to the super sensitive areas!

  2. I giggled through your blog today… mostly because I can completely remember the first time I got a bikini wax – and the surprise on my face when the lovely waxing lady got to my nether regions was, I’m sure as yours was, priceless. After two kids I’ve turned to year-round “laziness” (smirk) but I will say that when I was getting my legs waxed regularly, the hair grew in more slowly, more sparsely and more finely than it had been before. And, if you keep it up, eventually you get bare patches where hair gives up trying to grow altogether! Good luck… keep us posted. šŸ™‚

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