Day 1

For anyone who hasn’t yet, take a look at my newest video by going to my VLOG .  🙂

So today was session 1 of CrossFit.  WOW!  Intense is the best word to describe it.  I recorded the video above and then went to stand up from my chair and couldn’t.  lol  my legs are going to HATE ME tomorrow.  However, I still feel fantastic and can’t wait until Friday.

Here’s what I did today (not including the warmup/cooldown)

3 Rounds:

– 500 m Rowing

– 21 Kettle Ball Swings (20 lb weight)

– 12 Jumping Pull Ups

Round one went well… by the end of round two I was feeling defeat.  However, I managed to get myself up to do round 3 and felt so proud of myself for actually finishing.  It was fantastic!!!

As for eating today, I did fairly good although I don’t think I ate enough which can be a problem for me sometimes (and the reason why I end up snacking so much).  I had a bowl of granola for breakfast.  1/2  a bowl of spaghetti for lunch (seriously, I ate the leftovers that my daughter didn’t finish, how sad is that?!) and then for dinner, I made turkey, roast potatoes & corn.  I did have gravy though… but it was a gluten free gravy so that makes it better right?  Hahaha!

I didn’t drink enough water but I did manage to only drink 1 cup of coffee instead of my regular 2.

Looking forward to Friday.

GOAL FOR TOMORROW:  Do something!!  I’m going to be sore but I know I need to do something.  Even just jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes to get my heart pumping.  Also, have a bigger lunch than today.  lol

Now, I don’t have my starting measurements yet but I will post my weight.

STARTING WEIGHT: 201.6   (yikesss!!!)

Now that I’ve posted it, I hope that means that I will be even more motivated to shed it.  🙂

J xo


One thought on “Day 1

  1. I love kettlebell training (I did this in my previous bootcamp)! It is amazing how simple work outs (3 moves listed above, 3 times) can be so beneficial! You will gain muscle at first so measurements are crucial! Get on those! You don’t want to feel defeated initially, you want motivation to continue! Can’t wait to hear about Friday and hopefully see you Monday 🙂

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