Day 2

I’m sore.  My legs, my arms, my shoulders, my abs.  Funny enough, I think my hands are the worst off, probably from swinging on the bar.  Probably should have accepted her offer for gloves when I did that one.  I learned my lesson.

Overall though, I’m feeling good.  I don’t hate my trainer… yet.  haha!

So how did I do today?  Well, neutral.  I had planned to at least hop on the elliptical a bit but was feeling the pain and decided I would use today to rest a bit.  So because of that, I’ve promised myself tomorrow I am going to get in some cardio and at least some stretches and mild exercises on my own… no matter how stiff I’m feeling!

I didn’t eat anything bad which is good.  I ate 3 meals today which I don’t usually do (I typically either skip breakfast or lunch).  I didn’t drink enough water though which I’m going to plan for tomorrow by filling my water bottle tonight and putting it in the fridge so when I open it tomorrow it will be the first thing I see.  I felt my stomach growling about a 1/2 hour ago so I made a simple guac (just avocado and tomatoes) and ate it with some veggie chips.  It hit the spot.  🙂

Still didn’t get my measurements.  Never made it to the store to get another measuring tape.  I’m off tomorrow so I’m going to put it on my todo list while I’m out.  Or at the very least, find a ribbon or some string that I can mark and measure with the hard measuring tape.

My hubby told me he was proud of me for taking this one.  I think he knows how tough the last year has been on me… it’s been good but a lot of stress, one after the other and that’s how I put the weight back on that I had worked so hard to lose before.  That gave me a big smile knowing he’s behind me 100%.  I half expected him to frown at me when it came to the money aspect of paying for these crossfit sessions but I think I underestimated him.  How often we forget how awesome our significant others are!


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Eating enough and drinking is very important, especially when you are trying to build that muscle and lose weight. I too am very proud of you for doing this for you, and then also for your family. Get on those measurements! 🙂

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