Diary catchup

I love that people have been bugging me for a few days now to update. Makes me realize that people are actually routing for me!!! Thanks!! (and those patiently waiting on the Friday dinner idea, we didn’t eat at home this Friday which is what happened. However, I promise a great dinner idea this Friday). 🙂

Ok so how has the last week been? Pretty good. I was in a challenge to cut down my snacking… bored snacking to be exact. I did awesome. When I did snack, I picked things that were healthier. Because healthier snacks tend to take time to prepare, I would only snack if I truly was hungry. 🙂 Proud of myself there.

I did eat the dreaded McD’s on Friday (hence no friday dinner idea). It was my son’s choice, he had such an awesome day at school and silly me blurted out “anywhere you want to go” so of course that’s where he picked. Otherwise I’m doing good with my eating but I could be doing better. I just had a load of groceries delivered yesterday though so I’m all stocked up again (I find I tend to eat bad when I need groceries LOL).

Weight wise, no change. 😦 I sort of knew that would happen but I am sure everything will catch up soon. Of course, if I continue to work on my eating, that will be a big thing. Plus I’m trying to get in more exercise at home. I find the motivation at home is tough… I had hoped to do a crossfit WOD last night but we had company and by the time they left at 10:30pm, I was beat and just wanted to go to bed. Saying that though, I have been spending more time on small things at home. Randomly laying down on the floor for some situps or pushups. I’m determined to get myself doing REAL pushups as I typically fail after about 1.

Crossfit update for this week – sorry for no video. I only had 1 session this week as I had something come up on Tuesday and had to cancel. However, Thursdays was awesome. Definitely the toughest yet (they are all tough of course). It was 16 minutes of working out but OMG I got home feeling like I had been at it for 2 hours. Here’s the berakdown of what we did:

4 Rounds, each round I had to do the following:

– 1 min of box jumps
– 1 min jumping lunges
– 1 min shuttle run (30 feet)
– 1 min kettle bell swings (20 lbs)

By the end of the first round, I felt defeated – like there was no way I was getting through 3 more rounds. However, I pushed through somehow and finished! Mind over matter… my body was telling me no way but I talked my way through it. 🙂

This week I have crossfit on Monday & Friday and I’m going to promise myself to do an at home WOD on Wednesday.

Will check in with a video after my session tomorrow.


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