Friday Dinner Ideas… pasta

Wrote this last night, had to run out the door to crossfit and totally forgot to upload.  Sorry folks!  



So after missing last week (for good reason, my son had an extraordinary day at school so we caved and let him pick a restaurant to go for dinner), I’m back with your new Friday Dinner Idea.  🙂   I made this up a couple weeks ago, my hubby RAVED about it so I figure why not try and re-create it?   A bit of back story to how I sometimes come up with these ideas… I literally call this pasta Fridge Pasta because I just dig through the fridge and see what I have and see what I can create.  That’s what I love about Pasta.  You can try pretty much anything to get away from the boring normal pasta’s.  🙂

Ok so for this one, here is what I used – this fed 2 adults & one child (my son had a gluten free alternative…) so you’ll want to up the recipe for more people – OR this would make a great side dish:

– 1 small eggplant

– 1/2 red pepper

– about 5 cremini mushrooms

– 1 clove of garlic, chopped fine

– 1/4 cup of italian breadcrumbs

– a jar of alfredo sauce (yes, I said a jar! hahaha  would probably be better with homemade but it was on sale so I figured why not).

– pasta (I personally love cheese filled tortellini with this type of recipe, totally worth spending the extra money to buy fresh).

– extra virgin olive oil

Put your water on to boil.  Chop up the eggplant, red pepper and mushrooms.  Heat a large pan at med/high and add about 2 tbsp of olive oil (I like to be generous with the olive oil in this recipe because I want the breadcrumbs to stick).  Once the veggies are nice and cooked and have soaked up all the olive oil, shake the breadcrumbs overtop and toss.  This will lightly coat them.  Turn down heat to low.   At this point, add the garlic (don’t add it too soon or it will burn).

Once water is boiling, cook your pasta.

When pasta goes in, add jar of sauce to the pan with the veggies.  Simmer and stir often while pasta is cooking.

Once pasta is done, drain, then add directly to frying pan.  Turn up heat to medium and stir to coat pasta.  After a few minutes, remove from heat and serve.  I like to add a little parm to the top once it’s on the plates.  🙂

Simple pasta, contains lots of yummy veggies.  The breadcrumbs give it a neat texture that makes everyone want 2nds.

(a quick note, I had planned to add tomatoes to the dish at the very end but completely forgot – I bet that would be tasty!)



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