Still at it!

Ya I know.  I’m awful with my blog sometimes.  It’s a love-hate relationship.  Sometimes I absolutely love writing and I could sit here for hours with different ideas.  Other times, my mind draws a blank and I find anything else to keep me occupied so I don’t have to write anything.   Thanks to everyone who sticks with me through my ups & downs in this blog world.  🙂

So back to it – I haven’t done a crossfit video or even a diary entry in quite awhile.  So here’s a little catch-up!

I’m still at it!  Going to crossfit twice a week most weeks.  I did have to cancel a couple sessions over the last couple of weeks due to a series of unfortunately circumstances, but it definitely was not due to any lack of motivation on my part – I was missing it the nights I couldn’t go!  I get so excited on crossfit nights.  As much as I wish I could say I’m doing a lot on my own at home, I have very little self-discipline and find that like my writing, sometimes I’m totally into it and other times, I will do anything to avoid it.

That’s what I love about having a trainer.  No matter how I’m feeling that day, I have a scheduled time/day and I have to go.  If I cancel with less than 1 days notice, I have to pay.  Well if I’m going to pay, I might as well go right?  And I’m always so glad that I do.  I feel fantastic when I get home.  Not only that great feeling from working out, but that sense of accomplishment for finishing the workout, no matter how long it took me.

I do know that if I did more at home on the days between, I will see faster and better results.  However, like I said above, that is my biggest struggle.  I’ve upped my crossfit sessions to 3 times a week when possible starting next week for this exact reason.

Not to say I’m doing nothing at home.  I do hop on the eliptical machine when I have some time during the day and I’ve been trying to get in some things that will help me out.  I’ve been really trying to work on my lower abs as I am determined to get lower with the GHD situps.  I have also been working on my pushups and am thrilled to say that tonight I did 10 pushups on my toes, NOT my knees.  They weren’t perfect, I was struggling but I did them and that made me feel great.

In addition, my husband has now expressed interest in starting up.  His first session is on Tuesday and he’s pretty pumped.  He sees how excited I am about it – he has never seen me excited about exercise before.  So he’s going to give it a try.  However, that sparked a money conversation as with two of us, this could end up being very expensive.

So I talked to my trainer about an alternative.  There’s a CrossFit gym not too far away and they offer classes.  It’s not 1×1 but the thought is that maybe, we could go there some days for the class and still continue with her occasionally as well for some 1×1.   I go tomorrow for an intro session at the gym to see  what it’s all about and then we can decide if this idea is for us.  I’m interested to see how the classes differ from a 1×1 session.  If we can’t see ourselves actually going on a regular basis, then there’s no point.  However, it’s worth trying out the intro class to see – and it’s free so why not right?

In non-crossfit news, the scale finally started catching up with me.  In a 2 week period, I dropped almost 10 lbs.  However, I’ve now hit a bit of a plateau and haven’t seen any further loss.  I’m okay with that though.  I know my body is very confused so of course I’m going to see some ups and down with my weight.  The scale is evil anyway.  I’ve decided I spend too much time looking at it and stressing over it.  So I’m taking a break from checking my weight for now.  I’m just going to continue what I’m doing and as long as I feel great and get better.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful summer weather.  I’ll (TRY) to check in again soon. 🙂  If I feel like it… haha!

J xo



One thought on “Still at it!

  1. You are doing great!! Keep at it and if you fall off one day just start fresh the next. Still hoping to get my hubby fitness bound one day, but my son and myself are fully committed! Yes it can be expensive, but once you get addicted to the fitness bug you will explore other avenues and there are cheaper alternatives you can pair with a couple of crossfit sessions a week. We got rained out for our first bootcamp this past Thursday and it was heartbreaking, I love my workouts and dislike missing them.

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