So I finally got around to taking my measurements for the first time since starting CrossFit.  I will have to say that I was hoping for better results, however, these things definitely take time and I know that I am improving BIG time.

Here they are:

hips 45.0  – down 0.5 inches
waist 36.5 – down 1.5 inches
bust 43 – down 1.0 inches
right arm 16 – up 0.5 inches
right leg 27 – up 0.5 inches

So anything that is a difference of 0.5 in either direction, I’m taking with a grain of salt as it’s not like my initial measurements were exact – and I may not be checking in the exact same spot.  However, the waist & bust measurements I have noticed.  Especially bust.  I have had to start wearing my bras at the smallest hooks in the last couple of weeks so I knew I’d see a change there.

Now, as for non-measurement differences.  I have really started to notice my strength increasing significantly.  The last week or so has been a huge eye opener.  Things that used to seem so heavy are not anymore.  Especially my kids.  I was laughing last night because I picked up my 52 lb son and lifted him over my head with ease.  It shocked me how light he seemed!!  So no, I won’t be in a bikini this summer, however, ask em to carry something heavy for you and I’m there!!  haha!

I’m trying to increase to 3 sessions a week where possible.  I’m finding 2 just isn’t enough anymore.

My husband started this week – after 2 sessions, I think he’s hooked.



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