My Sweet Escape…

Working from home has turned me into a “track pants mom”… well, realistically it’s yoga pants but I’m starting to think that yoga pants are the new track pants;  our butt just looks a bit better.  😉    Although I have struggled for many years with my body image, it’s become worse in the last year.  I don’t feel that great about my body and when I look in the mirror, I tend to see my flaws instead of the beauty that my husband tries to point out to me quite often.

A couple months ago, I was sent a facebook invitation to a Boudoir Photo Session with a group of girls at Danielle Renea Photography.  At the time, it sounded different and exciting.  My girlfriend who was planning it had done a session of her own and her photos were gorgeous, so I thought “why not”!!  It’s not something I would have ever thought to book on my own, but with a group of girls, it was bound to be fun.

Then, over the last couple of weeks, I began to stress & worry.  My body image issues started to get worse and every time I looked in the mirror, my body looked even worse to me.  The idea of getting in front of the camera was terrifying.   However, I had committed to it and the session was pre-paid so there was no backing out.  I could barely sleep last night thinking of having to do this.

Well less than 24 hours later, I realize that it was completely ridiculous thoughts running through my head!  What an amazing experience!

The photos were done at an in-home studio.  I would have to say that was the first thing that made my comfort of the experience begin to expand.  It was a proper home and we were made to feel completely welcome from the moment we arrived.  We were greeted with champagne & orange juice.  We were all chatting and showing each other the outfits we had brought.  I had not brought much but was quickly pointed towards the large selection of outfits & props that Danielle had available for us to use.  Corsets, dresses, shoes…. all different sizes to accommodate us all.  At first I was a little overwhelmed by the selection but Danielle was amazing – she asked me about what areas I wanted to cover up and what I liked about my body and recommended some fabulous pieces for me to try on.  I was actually quite impressed with not only how great I looked but how great I felt in them as well.

Once we were settled, the hair & makeup process began.  Danielle had brought in a makeup artist and two hair stylists.  These ladies were absolutely amazing.  They had worked with these types of sessions before.  I sat down not really knowing what I wanted and they were able to ask just the right questions to get an idea of the type of shoot we wanted.  My hair & makeup looked amazing!!  Sexy but romantic at the same time, exactly how I wanted my photos to look.

When it came time for photos, I became nervous again – however, that quickly subsided.  Danielle was amazing at making me feel comfortable.  She guided me with each pose, was encouraging and with every shot was raving about how fabulous I looked.  It was a huge confidence booster.  She really got a sense of my comfort zone and seemed to understand exactly what poses would work with my outfits and body.  The entire time, she seemed to keep in mind my requests as well – I had said first thing that day that I was not comfortable with my backside being on camera.  Not once did she try and get me to pose in a way that compromised this request.  I felt like she really listened to me.

As the other girls had their photos done, it was great to see that Danielle really worked with us as individuals.  Some girls were more open than others.  Some wanted more coverage, some more daring.  Some didn’t mind the rest of us watching whereas some preferred a closed session.  Respect was a huge part of the day and in the end, it was easy to see that we were all there for ourselves and were having a great time.

I know that normally, you would go to one of these sessions on your own – this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a “boudoir party”…. I think it’s personal preference.  If you can get together a group of girlfriends, I would highly recommend a day like this.  There was lots of laughter, gossip and fun.  We were sharing ideas and opinions on outfits and poses.  However, a group setting might not be for everyone and if that’s you, then I highly recommend booking a private session.  Either way, I think you will be impressed with how great it makes you feel about your body.  I think each of us left with a little body image boost, a smile and the feeling that the day was WELL worth the money.  I know I can’t wait to get my CD with my photos and although the majority of them will be for my eyes only (well, I may share them with my husband if he’s good LOL), Danielle sent me a sneak peek that I thought I would share with you all below.  🙂

In addition, I’m thrilled that Danielle has offered to extend a discount to all of my blog followers who might be interested in doing a session!!  When booking your Sweet Escape, mention “Jenn’s Sweet Escape” and you will get 10% off your session.  Check out her website or on facebook:



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