Blogging From Bed

Why? Simple, can’t sleep.

I know I should be sleeping better than ever tonight. We dropped the kids off to my parents today where they will spend the next 5 days. I know they will have a blast. I know I deserve the break. Yet here I lay, in the darkness, typing on the tiny touch screen of my cell phone, missing them more than ever.

So my plan for the next week? Keep busy.

I have a list of things I need to get done around the house. I’m going to take advantage of the kid free week and head into the office one day. Mike and I have plans for a nice dinner out. Oh and we even have two joint crossfit sessions this week! It will be fun to work out together. Hey, maybe I will even find time to write some blog posts.

So really, the week should fly by right?

I’ve left my kids this long before… But usually its because I’m headed on a nice vacation away. I’m too excited to miss them this much I guess. LOL

I think mostly this is a case of my mind playing games with me. Having spent so much time with them both over the last couple of weeks since school is over, has probably renewed a little extra attachment to my son.

Either way, now that I’ve confessed these feelings, I think I’m already starting to feel a bit better. My eyes are drooping so i would say sleep might come soon, fingers crossed.


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