A goal in mind…

I don’t have a “final” goal.  If doing CrossFit has taught me one thing, it’s that there isn’t a final goal.  You just keep going.  You push yourself, you beat yourself.  Even if you’re having an off day, whatever you did was better than sitting at home on the couch.  The scale doesn’t matter.  I think that has been the hardest thing for me to realize.  I’ve been at it for awhile now and my scale did have a bit of a jump but I’ve pretty much stayed at that same weight.  However, my clothes are fitting better and my energy level is up 100%.  I’m happier, I feel good about myself and I’m encouraging my family to be more fit as well.  To me, that’s bigger than any number a scale could tell me.

However, I do find goals are great at keeping one motivated so I was very excited today when the opportunity presented itself for me to set a small one.  The company I work for is very positive about being healthy and active – I don’t think there’s an event in the GTA that at least someone from the office isn’t involved in.  Many events, they put together teams.  They’ve done the CN Tower Climb, 10K races, bike races, the list goes on.  Today I received an email inviting anyone interested to join our work team at the MudHero race at the end of August and immediately I was drawn to it.

So I RSVP’d and said I was in!!

Okay, so maybe I was a little trigger happy with the reply button, however, I think this is an excellent goal.  A race like this follows a lot of the same thoughts and feelings in CrossFit – it’s not about beating anyone else, it’s about pushing yourself as far as you can and feeling proud of what you did.

If you aren’t familiar with these type of events, the idea is that it’s an obstacle race.  It’s meant to be fun.  6K run, climbing cargo nets, scaling walls, commando-crawling through mud… basically being a kid again!

So if the race was today, could I do it?  Well, I think I could finish but I’d probably end up walking most of it.  So the goal in mind is to work my butt off for the next month preparing.  I want to run it, at least as much as I possibly can.  My knee is my major physical obstacle but I think with some hard work, I can get to the point where I won’t fear that I will hurt it.  Most of the time, it’s in my head and I back off because I’m afraid I might do something to it.  Continuing with my CrossFit workouts with my trainer and adding in some extra workouts at home.  This will be the toughest part as my motivation at home is typically none.  However, with a goal in mind and the fact that I will be there with co-workers makes me really want to do my best.

The best part, when I told my husband about it, he seemed really happy for me.  He didn’t give me the “sounds great” with the look that tells me he doesn’t think I’d do well.  He actually seemed to think it was a great idea.  That definitely helps with my motivation – the fact that I have him on my side.  I’ll talk a little more about that later though… 🙂

xo J


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