My husband the Crossfitter

So after all the hype that I’ve been talking up, my husband decided to join crossfit too.  Overnight, it seemed he was hooked and now he’s starting to talk like he really loves it.  He gets it.

I know we all hate hearing this but it is really something you don’t quite understand until you are doing it.  The love-hate relationship.  While you are doing your workout, you hate it.  As soon as you are done, you love it.

I think what impressed him when I started was how quickly we were seeing a difference.  Not on the scale, not even the inches.  Just my general strength.  I am now picking up things that I would have never dared to.  I have more energy and am taking risks.  My energy is up.

So when I suggested he try it, although apprehensive at first, he went for it.  He came home after his first workout exhausted, sweating, cursing out our trainer.  haha!   However, the next thing out of his mouth was “When is my next session”?

He was hooked.

I love the fact that my husband is becoming more active.  Becoming a dad and having a career has definitely added a little tire to his sides and although I’m not one to talk, I know he hates it.  I see him looking in the mirror or making little comments about his “muffin top”.  How he looks at old pictures longingly from pre-kids and says “I was in decent shape back then”.  It’s so easy to come home after a long day and veg out.  However, seeing how excited he’s been about his sessions and even doing extra workouts at home just goes to show how making a change isn’t actually as hard as you think.

Last week, the kids were away and we had the opportunity to go to two sessions together.  It was fantastic!  We pushed each other and I think they were the best workouts either of us have ever done.  I was so proud of him!  I wish we could do every session together, however with the kids it’s just not an option as we’d have to hire a sitter each time and that’s an extra expense we just aren’t willing to shell out at this time.  Still, I do hope we can find the occasional time to do it again.



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