Random Wut?

You may have noticed by now that yet again, my blog has received a facelift.  Although I worked very hard and loved the new setup I put together earlier this year, I was finding the main page too time consuming and complicated to keep up.  So to follow my new motto of simplifying my life, I’ve reverted back to a simpler style which I hope will keep me a little more organized and the ability to update content on a more regular basis.

So what changes will come with this?  Well, daily features!  I looked through my blog and chose topics that I hit on most often.  I’m not promising that I will post daily as we know I run on my own time zone… but with the site being a little more organized and simple, I hope to post more often!  So here is a breakdown of what you can expect to see depending on the day.

MONDAY MOM STORY:  This is where I will chat about anything specific to being a mom.  Maybe gloat about my kids a bit, talk about life around the house, something new we have happening… or a funny/horrifying story about my kids newest antics.

GREEN LIVING TUESDAY: Let’s talk living green!  Sure, I’ll use this to post about the products I sell but I also want to discuss other topics in regards to living a little greener.

RANDOM WEDNESDAY: So this day will just be whatever.  Like today, just talking about the blog changes.  Maybe some pictures, maybe I’ll comment on an article I’ve read.  It’s pretty random so I don’t even know what I’ll be talking about!

THURSDAY FITNESS & HEALTH: This used to be my diary… some weeks I may certainly continue the diary format, some will be more on topics involving fitness & health.  This week I have a guest blog post that arrived in my Inbox which I am going to share with you all.  🙂  So definitely check back in tomorrow for that!

FOOD FRIDAYS:  Okay so my Friday Dinner Ideas was definitely a topic that received huge response.  When I stopped posting them, a flood of FB messages came in asking me what happened to them. I had no idea how many of you were actually looking forward to them each week (this is why commenting on posts is a great thing I want to encourage!!  I don’t know who likes what unless you tell me).  🙂  So I’ve brought back this topic – it won’t always be dinner ideas… let’s talk healthy lunches, guilty treats, drinks, restaurants, etc!

ABOUT A DAD WEEKENDS: So our resident dad (aka my hubby) has only put together one assignment so far – I think it’s about time he posts some more!

VLOG: So I thought about including this in my weekly schedule, however as random as I am with blog posts, my videos are even more random.  So those I’m going to keep to “as I feel like it” type basis for now.

Well, that’s the breakdown!  I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

xo J


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