Weekend Getaway

Today I learned my son has less fear than me!

That kid went tubing and LOVED it.  Every minute.  He loved the waves, the bumps, the speed.  Gone are the days were he sits up on the tube while my dad drives super-slow, just so he could have the experience.  No, now he wants to play with the big boys. He even fell off the tube for the first time (at which point I thought I was going to have a heart attack).  No crying, no fuss.  The kid hopped right back on and went again, asking to go faster.

Daddy says “that’s my boy”.

It was fantastic to get away as a family.  We stayed up north at my parents trailer.  My husband and I set up a tent on one of the camping spots and the kids were to stay in the trailer.  Except on the 2nd night, I was booted from the tent as the boys has plotted to have a “guys night” in the tent.  Sophie and I stayed in the trailer instead because as she said “girls don’t sleep in tents”. ahahaha!

On Saturday, we took part in the 21st Annual Sunset Trailer Park Horseshoe Tournament.  Now, this is a big deal at our park.  Every year, players from the park and their visitors get together for a day-long tournament that is always such a fun time.  This year, there were 56 participants which was a great turnout!!

After 3 games each in the round robin, we move onto the playoffs.  Both my hubby’s team and my team made it forward and it was looking like we were almost going to be playing each other in the finals.  Wouldn’t that have been interesting!! haha!  The kids kept changing their minds about who they were going to cheer for but in the end, they didn’t need to pick sides as we were both knocked out in the semi-finals.  Mike was on team 23 and I was team 22.

It was a great weekend for all.  Lots of laughs and fun.  Good friends, good food, good drinks.  Even the dogs loved it!



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