So I know it’s Friday, and this is a Fitness post – but who am I to actually stay on track?  Being that I’m up north “camping” with the kids…. okay, so I’m in a trailer with A/C, cable and internet…. I haven’t had a lot of spare time. Either way, the kids and I have been having a blast.  The kids are off playing at another trailer so I’m taking the moment of calm to talk about the butterflies in my stomach before I start packing up to head back home.

Tomorrow I am taking part in the Toronto Mud Hero race.  YIKES!!!  I know I mentioned it before but at that point, it seemed so far away.  It’s finally here!

This will be my first race even remotely like this ever but I hope the first of many.  It’s a 6K race with 17 obstacles.  Lots of mud, dirt and apparently fun.  Afterwards there is a mudbash complete with food, drinks and entertainment.  I’m very excited to not only be taking part but to be entering as part of a team with some of my coworkers.

So let’s talk butterflies.  First of all, I’ve never done anything like this.  I’m not a huge fan of surprises so I think the big anticipation is basically just going to be the entire experience.  Then of course, there’s the “can I actually do this” fear??   I think that one is beginning to settle down a bit as I get closer, realizing that even if it takes me 3 hours, I can keep going and at least finish it.  So my goal tomorrow is to finish the race.  No matter how long it takes me.

Then there is the question of if I’m going to love it or hate it.  I hope I love it.  I am pre-registered for the Tough Mudder race in May which is about 4x the size of this one.  So I am hoping that I love it and want to do more and it will motivate me to work even harder so that come May, I am in shape to complete it along side my husband (who unfortunately will not be competing tomorrow but luckily will be there the entire day to cheer me on).

So tomorrow at 11:30am, think of me as I leave the starting line, probably with worse butterflies than I have now.  I’m sure I’ll check in and tell you all about it later this weekend.

Have a good one!  xo J


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