They’re going back!

As the commercial says, it is definitely “the most wonderful time of the year”!  Tomorrow marks the start of another school year and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not saying I didn’t have a fantastic summer having both kids home… I love summer because we get time to hang out and talk, spend time at the park, playdates, etc etc.  It was fun but by the end of two months, I am utterly exhausted.

This year marks a new milestone as well.  My youngest is starting her first year of junior kindergarten.  She will be going two days a week plus every other Friday.  I’m not worried she won’t do well, as she is definitely the most adaptable child you’ve ever met, however, it has definitely started a bit of a sort of “nesting” bug, a familiar feeling from when I was pregnant.

Organization has been my name for the last week or so.  Trying to get our lives and home ready for the year to come.  Looking at how last year went, I tweeked things a bit for some new routines.  Simple things like some new baskets from the dollar store for the kids to put homework, library books and letters from school when they get home (things we always seemed to lose last year).  A set of school supplies for the home in an organizer so we aren’t scrambling to find glue for a homework project.  A set schedule for how our evenings will go, with dedicated time for homework where I can provide my undivided attention to help them.

The one area that I finished this weekend that I am most proud of is definitely clothing.  We did a super-purge of clothes a couple weeks ago, keeping only 1 basket worth per child.  In addition, I purchased these super-cute clothes organizers for the kids from Avon which is going to hopefully stop the arguments from my son in the morning about what he wants to wear to school, and stop my daughter from changing 4 times before breakfast.  Every Sunday, we are going to let the kids pick out their clothes for the week.  They will go into the organizer and then each morning, they will simply put on whatever is in the slot for that day.  With my daughters, I also put the PJ’s she will be wearing that night as she has a habit of changing those a couple times as well before bed.  Beside the organizer, I hung some cardigans and hoodies in case of a chilly day that they will need one.  Overall, I am so happy with this system and I am really hoping we can stick with it.  Ohhh and the best part about these organizers, you can choose English or French for the labels, so naturally I chose French as my kids attend French school.


So tomorrow my son heads off to his first day of Grade 2.  My daughter doesn’t start until next week as they do a transition at our school but everyone will start the new routine tomorrow.  I even picked up some new activity books for my daughter so if she doesn’t have any homework, she can still sit at the island with her brother.

To everyone (big and small) going back to school or starting school tomorrow, I wish you all the best for a successful school year!!

xo J


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