A week of new meals

After finding that grocery website last weekend, I dedicated this week to trying some new meals with the family.  I love to cook but there are times that I get into a rut of cooking the same things week after week – because they are easy and I know the family will eat it.  However, I get bored very easily with the same food over and over again.  So looking through those recipes last weekend, I dedicated this week to trying some new ones.  And I’d have to say, it was a huge success.

Monday night was Tuna Patties.  Think crab cakes as this was the general idea, except you use canned tuna instead.  They were very simple to make, cooked very quickly and were fantastic with grape & goat cheese spinach salad on the side.  I did modify the recipe slightly.  Instead of onion powder, I used yellow curry powder.  I also using gluten free bread crumbs instead of saltines for 1/4 of the recipe (for my son).  I made a homemade tartar sauce to dip and these were a huge hit with my kids, especially since I let them use their hands to eat them (like fish sticks).  They stayed together great while cooking and had a nice crispy outside while the inside stayed soft.  I put the leftovers in the fridge and ate them for lunch the following day and they were great re-heated in the microwave.  Definitely a recipe I will make again and again.

Tuesday was Beef & Broccoli.  I took the recipe on the site and modified it slightly.  I replaced the stir fry noodles with vermicelli, omitted the ginger and scallions (as my kids aren’t big fans) and instead of sliced beef, I used stewing beef.  The recipe turned out fantastic and even my husband, who is a huge beef & broccoli fan from Asian restaurants, was impressed.  The kids loved it and even had the leftovers in their lunch the following day.

Wednesday I went for the Crockpot Chicken Quesadillas. This was by far the simplest recipe I have ever made and I loved it because you cook the chicken from frozen so there’s no need to thaw it the night before!  You just open a jar of salsa, a can of corn and some taco seasoning, put it all in the crockpot and leave it for the day.  The chicken pulled apart with no effort once it was done cooking (like pulled pork).  Then I just added it to the tortillas with some cheese and that’s it!  Another winner with the kids.  My only complaint was the lack of veggies so next time I will definitely be adding some peppers and onions to the recipe so I don’t need to make a side dish as these are quite filling on their own.  (Both kids requested 2nds of this meal).

Thursday was “leftover day”.  Tonight (Friday), I made Meatloaf.  Now, I’ve made many different meatloaf recipes before, my kids just love it.  This one is definitely a great version that I will make again.  I loved the idea of the mushroom sauce to add some flavour.  It was delicious and I’d love to have leftovers tomorrow, except there is none left!!  Everyone had 2nds.

I think exposing the kids to a lot of new foods or ways of preparing the food is good for them.  I often think that is maybe the reason I don’t have picky eaters – I have always tried to expose them to as many new foods and recipes as I can… and I follow the “if you don’t eat it for dinner, it’s your breakfast tomorrow” rule – so they have given up on fighting me about dinner, which is awesome because they will try anything now and 9/10 they end up loving it!

So what will I try next week?  Not sure yet… am going to look through the recipes over the weekend and see what else we can try.

xo J


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