Product Review – Body Wrap

I was asked to review a product and to be totally honest about what I thought.  To say I was excited to try this product is an understatement. The product is called the Ultimate Body Applicator which is a body wrap type product.

What is this body wrap exactly?

This product is a cloth wrap that has been infused with botanical gel.  The purpose first and foremost is to provide a detoxification effect, along with firming up the skin.  In addition, multiple usage can help with stretch marks and as an added bonus, you will see some inches lost in the area you wrapped.  From the reading I did on the website and some review sites online, I believe this type of product can affect everyone differently, however, the main thing I noticed was that those who followed the directions exactly all saw results, even after just 1 application.

So of course I was extremely interested in this wrap.  It’s no secret I have been struggling with my weight for awhile now, and being that I have the “mom pouch” hanging off the front of me, I am probably a good candidate as I need a lot of tightening.

The wrap does take 72 hours for full results and multiple wraps are recommended, especially if you have deeper stretch marks or a lot of extra loose skin. I went in knowing that I probably wouldn’t see HUGE results after the first wrap but was still excited.

Day 1 –

I put the wrap on around noon exactly as directed. When I removed the wrap from the package, I could smell it right away – a strong eucalyptus smell which I actually liked as I’ve always enjoyed that smell.  You simply unfold the wrap which is covered in the gel and place over the area you want to wrap.  I of course chose my stomach area.  Very easy to put on and even though it seemed like it might stay as it was, it was suggested I wrap with saran wrap to help keep in in place so I did this as well.

For the first application, it’s recommended you only keep the wrap on for about an hour, just to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions, plus the amount of water you have to drink will go up the longer you leave it on.

During that hour, I felt a strong cooling sensation over the area.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, just cold like how you feel for the first moments when you put on that vapo rub when you are sick.  I was able to sit at my computer and work while the wrap was on.  You do need to drink a lot of water while the wrap is on which makes sense.  The wrap is drawing out toxins from your body and the water is helping flush it out of your system.  If you simply do the wrap without the water, you won’t see the benefits as those toxins will simply reabsorb in your body.

Before the hour was even up, I began to see the detoxification start.  I won’t go into all the details but I did have to hit the bathroom once and it was quite sudden that I had to go.  So for that reason, I would think you would want to wrap at home.  I could tell that this was definitely a detoxification type effect and not just a coincidence.

After the hour was up, I removed the wrap and rubbed in the gel.  Then I took my first measurements.  I was really hoping to see some results right away as so many on the internet do, however my measurements remained the same.  It was hard to judge how it affected my skin right away as there was still the gel on there that I had rubbed in.  You need to wait about 2 hours before you can wash again to get the full benefits of leaving the excess gel on.  I continued to drink water throughout the day as the instructions state.

Day 2 & 3 –

I woke up feeling really good both days.  I never felt I was “bloated” before I wrapped but that morning I could feel a difference in my stomach, like it was lighter.  I found that this day, the detoxification effect was still apparent as I continued to flush out the toxins by drinking lots of water.  At the 24 hour & 48 hour marks, I took my measurements which I honestly thought would be lower based on how I felt but unfortunately they were not.  That didn’t bother me though, the information did state that it can take up to 3 wraps and the fact that I was feeling so great was good for me.

I did notice a difference in my skin over these two days.  It definitely looked and felt smooth and my stretch marks were a little lighter in colour which was a nice change.

Day 4 – This was the day to keep an eye on – the 72 hour mark would hit this day and I would take my final measurements.  By this point, I didn’t notice any further detoxification effects but was still feeling good.  I also noticed a difference in the mirror that morning and my stretch marks were looking slightly faded again.

When the time came, I took the measurements and was thrilled to see that I had lost a total of 2 inches over three different measurements on my stomach!!  I had given up that I would lose any inches at all so seeing this was an added bonus for sure.


I was very happy with this product.  I love how I felt afterwards, my skin definitely had a smoother texture, stretch marks faded slightly and the added bonus of some inches lost.

Will I do it again?  Absolutely!  I plan to buy a package and do several wraps in a row (72 hours apart) to see the results after multiple wraps.  I’m also interested to wrap other areas of my body as this isn’t just used for the stomach.  Arms, thighs, face… all areas that I could use some toning!

I took several before & after pictures and although my results after the 1 wrap aren’t hugely noticeable to the naked eye (and are more about how I feel), I wanted to show you two side by side to show the difference that one wrap made.



How can you get these wraps?  Very easy!  April Patch is an It Works distributor selling these directly to you and also hosting wrap parties if you live in the Durham Region & area.  You can check out her new website at:

And as a fantastic bonus, anyone who mentions that they read this review when booking a home wrap party will receive a FREE wrap!!  So definitely let her know I sent you.  🙂

I HIGHLY recommend at least trying one.  I can’t wait to do my next wrap and will definitely share my results after a few more.

xo J



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